Vi (Vodafone Idea) is offering a one-year to , which includes five at no additional cost. The plan starts at Rs. 355, rose to Rs. 2,595, the one is the only plan without airtime. This is a time offer for Vi prepaid customers, valid until March 31 next year. Qualified subscribers can only use this offer once on the VIL mobile phone number. In addition, this offer is not automatically renewed.

Vi Zee5 Premium Subscription Offer

Vi prepaid subscribers can recharge any of the five plans including Rs. 355 rupees. 405 rupees. 595 rupees. 795 and rupees. 2,595 take advantage of this offer. Rs. The 355 plan includes 50GB of data and is valid for 28 days. Rs. The 405 plan includes talk time, 90GB of data and a 28-day validity period. The Rs 595 plan provides you with 2GB of data per day, unlimited talk time and a 56-day validity period. With Rs. The Vi 795 plan provides 2GB of data per day and an 84-day validity period, and the call time is unlimited. Finally, the long-term rupee. The 2,595 plan comes with 2GB of data per day, a 365-day validity period and unlimited talk time. By charging through any of these plans, you will get a one-year subscription to ZEE5 Premium at no additional cost.

You can use the subscription on any device through the Zee 5 app or through the Zee 5 website.

To apply for a quotation:

  1. You can use the above bundled charging pack to charge from any source.
  2. You will receive a confirmation SMS with Zee5 activation link.
  3. Click on the link and enter your MSISDN and OTP for verification.
  4. Then, you will see an Activate Now button, click it.
  5. Your subscription is now activated, Zee5 will send a username and temporary password to eligible subscribers to log in to the Zee5 application or website.
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This process will need to be completed within 28 days of receiving the SMS, after which the Zee5 subscription link will become invalid.

Vi also stated that if subscribers continue to receive regular VIL minimum Rs unlimited recharges, they will continue to receive the benefits of an annual subscription to Zee5 services. 219, a period of 12 months. It is worth noting that the fee for Zee 5 membership is Rs. It costs $99 per month, and the one-year subscription fee is Rs. 999, but it is currently equivalent to Rs. 699.

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