Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea) launched a new international unlimited roaming package for its customers Monday. The new Vi Unlimited International Roaming Package is priced at Rs. 599 rupees. 5,999. The former is valid for 24 hours, while the latter is valid for 28 days. These plans are available to customers travelling to such as the UAE, UK, US, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Australia, Thailand and Brazil. It offers unlimited voice calling support and data its roaming network across travel destinations. The Vi postpaid roaming package has an always-on feature designed to prevent exorbitant rates when roaming internationally, even after the subscription package expires.

The telecom operator Monday launched a series of new international roaming packages for customers. Vi international roaming packages start from Rs. 599, valid for one at Rs. 5,999 packs, valid for 28 days. They offer unlimited voice calls and data.

Currently, Vi offers roaming services in 81 with local service providers. It also introduced the Always feature to ensure subscribers are not overbilled even after their subscription plan expires. For example, travellers who have already subscribed to a 7- Vi Postpaid Roaming Pack can continue to use their phone for voice, text and data if they need to extend their stay, and will be charged the standard rate until the value of the user’s usage declines. Don’t go over Rs. 599. Over Rs. 599, the user will be charged Rs. They charge an extra $599 for every day they use the international roaming facility.

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According to Vi, Vi’s RedX postpaid plan customers can enjoy international travel every year with a 7- Vi international roaming free tier worth Rs. 2,999.