Venom: Let the massacre trailer is here. On Monday, Sony Pictures unveiled the first two-and-a-half-minute trailer for Venom: Letting the Massacre in English and Hindi-the sequel to the original film by Tom Hardy, brought him back Base camp of violence. The alien symbiote named Venom gives him superhuman powers. In the second “Venom” movie, Hardy’s Eddie Brock (Eddie Brock) has to deal with Cletus Kasady, a mentally ill serial killer played by Woody Harrelson. Escaped because he revealed that he is also the owner of an alien symbiote-the name is also in the title: Slaughter. “Venom: The Holocaust” is a game of words, yes.

Two alien symbiosis are moving towards it, now where do we see it? Oh, yes, this is the first “Venom” movie. Speaking of, in addition to Hardy, we have returned Michelle Williams as the district attorney, as well as Eddie’s former fiancee, Reedfénéeé Anne Weying, and Reed Sco. With Reid Scott as her doctor boyfriend Dan Lewis, and Peggy Lu as the convenience store manager Mrs. Chen, Venom is here to joke about the new “Venom: The Holocaust” trailer. In addition to Harrelson, who had a cameo appearance in the first “Venom” film, other actors include Naomie Harris and Cretus.

Venom: The Holocaust Trailer

Venom: Let the Holocaust Hindi Trailer

Behind the scenes, Andy Serkis took over as the director of “Venom: The Holocaust”, and the screenwriter was in charge of venom Co-author Kelly Marcel (Kelly Marcel), and Hardy (Hardy) and Marcel (Marcel) co-developed story. Hardy and Marcel are also the producers of the second “Venom” film by Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal and Hutch Parker. Serkis partnered with Oscar actor Robert Richardson, and Robert Richardson collaborated with him to film his 2017 director’s debut “Breathe” for “Venom: Abusive Massacre” “(Let There Be Carnage) filming. This movie is the work of Columbia Pictures, Marvel Entertainment and Tencent Pictures. Sony Pictures is a global distributor.

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“Venom: The Holocaust” is scheduled to be released in cinemas around the world on September 24. In India, it will be available in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. The sequel is part of the Sony Marvel Universe-officially known as the “Sony Pictures Marvel Character Universe”-in the same world as the Spider-Man movie by Tom Holland, but “complementary” with that world. It doesn’t make any sense, but it gives Sony the opportunity to let the Dutchman Peter Parker interact with these characters (if Sony wants this to happen at the time). The universe by Jared Leto is also part of this universe Mobius, Will be released in January 2022.

Venom: Indulgent slaughter poster

Venom: Indulgence Massacre Hindi Poster

Venom 2 Poster Hindi Venom 2 Poster Hindi

Venom: Indulge in the Tamil Massacre poster

Venom 2 Poster Tamil Venom 2 Poster Tamil

Venom: Let the massacre Telugu shine poster

Venom 2 poster Telugu Venom 2 poster Telugu

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