The next full moon, most people on the planet will be able to see the full moon at 2:40 pm on June 24th (12:10 am on June 25th, US Standard Time) different regions and cultures. The name is famous. At about this time, the full moon will last for about three days-in this case from the morning of June 23 to the early morning of June 26. Although you can see it from many places on June 24, you can see areas that follow the Indian standard time, the Rhine Islands time, and the international date change line from these places the next day. However, whether it is a super moon is a controversial issue.

Various sources and publications use different parameters to determine whether the moon is eligible to be a supermoon. this case, although some publications call it the last in a series of four super moons this year, others disagree, saying it is farthest from the earth than the other three full moons.

No matter what it is called, NASA described its meaning a blog post. The post said that at this stage, the full moon will be strawberry-shaped in the direction opposite the Earth’s longitude to the sun.

The following are world-famous historical names-including honeymoon.


India, the full moon corresponds to Vat Purnima. During the three days of this full moon, married Indian women expressed their love for their husbands by tying a ritual thread on the banyan tree. This festival is adapted from the legend of Savitri and Satyawan in the epic “Mahabharata”.

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United States

According to Maine Farmers’ Yearbooks published since the 1930s, the Algonquin tribes the northeastern United States now call it Strawberry Month, which refers to the short harvest season for strawberries in the region.


Europe, the old name for this full moon was honeymoon or honeymoon. Some writings indicate that honey is ready to be harvested at this time of the year. The full moon gets its name from this. Mead is a beverage made by mixing honey with water or fruit, spices, grains or hops and fermenting.

The tradition of calling the first month of marriage a “honeymoon” may be related to this full moon, because of the custom of marriage June or because this moon is the “sweetest” moon of the year.

some European countries, it is also called the Rose Month. The name may come from the rose blooming at this time of year or the red color of the moon.

Other season names

According to NASA’s blog, some other names for this full moon are Huayue, Hotyue, Hoeing Moon, and Planting Moon.

Buddhists call it Poson Poya, probably based on the Poson festival Sri Lanka, which celebrates the introduction of Buddhism in 236 BC.

A tribe—mainly living the mid-Atlantic area of ​​the United States, but now dispersed—called it the LRO Moon to commemorate the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter they launched to the Moon in June 2009. LRO is still orbiting the moon, according to NASA.