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game display Armored Paladin Will a retro-style platform action on Switch on July 21.

In the game, you can drive your own Paladin power armor against giant demons and use your own weapons against them. There is a core swordsmanship mechanism throughout the process. Players can equip and use any weapon dropped, defeated or blocked by defeated in the rock-paper-scissors weapon system.

We have provided you with a list of features below, and you will find some gameplay shots in the trailer.

-Fun and intuitive swordsmanship, an engaging action platform!
-Control Grit (powerful Paladin powered armor), or bounce the small and agile Squire pilot Flame!
-Robot meets demons! Use the power of cutting-edge technology to crush the mysterious power!
-More than 100 melee weapons can catch enemies!
-Massive use of weapons: waving, throwing or smashing weapons!
-Split the weapon in half and cast a powerful spell!
-Slam, slam and break through 17 incredible levels around the world!
-Elegantly crafted 8-bit graphics as if you remember them!

If you are going to make the next retro restoration, Panzer Paladin may be exactly what you want. Of course, we have to find out when it will start later this month, but please feel free to your early thoughts with us in the comments.


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By Rebecca French

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