Instant messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp with Facebook Messenger Rely on end-to-end to ensure the of your conversations, even those from law enforcement officers. As for amplification, Then, if you want the security level of the , you have to . The main reason behind the company-presumably the company-is to bad actors.

“To be sure, free users we don’t want to provide [end-to-end encryption]. to , Zoom CEO Eric Yuan said in the company’s latest Q1 2020 financial report: “Because we also want to cooperate with the FBI and local law enforcement agencies in case someone uses Zoom for malicious purposes. The benefits of end-to-end encryption, but free users do not.

Alex Stamos, currently serving as the company’s security consultant, explained that Zoom attempts to prevent malicious parties from one-time email and abusing the platform by law enforcement officers to talk. He pointed out that this is “Zoom’s difficult move to balance”, but the company hopes to reduce abuse by keeping the end-to-end encryption security behind the pay wall.

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