Apple has developed a self- mask for employees to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The Apple Mask is the first product of its kind developed internally by the giant Cupertino for its employees. Recently, it has unboxed on a popular YouTube channel, giving a detailed introduction to masks for the first time. It has a three-layer filtering function, and you can choose to connect the earrings to the back of the head. According to Apple, the masks are designed by who work on iPhones and iPads.

A posted by the popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy shows the Apple Mask packaging in detail. Each package comes with five sealed reusable masks. YouTuber pointed out that the mask uses a three-piece design that can extend above the nose and below the chin. The thread seems to be stronger than that provided by regular surgical masks. In addition, each mask comes with a clip that can be used to tie the mask behind the head for a more secure fit.

The video also mentions that each Apple Mask can be used up to five times (up to eight hours each time). It should also be cleaned every eight hours. Apple did not rate the effectiveness of Apple Mask, but as YouTuber pointed out, blowing through it does not allow air to pass. Moreover, it makes you sound more sullen and shows a solid fit.

Apple is providing its employees with another type of facial protection, ClearMask. It is said that this is the first completely transparent surgical mask approved by the FDA. It can help people with hearing impairment to have unobstructed vision. The tech giant has already developed ClearMask in collaboration with Washington-based Gallaudet University. So far, it is not clear whether Apple plans to sell Apple Mask or ClearMask to the public.

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