and Advertising on the roof of some of its vehiclesThe move is likely to bring some new revenue to the infamous cash-burning company and compare it to Uber's original rival, the old-fashioned taxi industry.

Advertising weekly Reporting Uber has entered into a deal with outdoor technology company Adomni, which will begin advertising on select in its three cities starting April 1. Although Uber drivers can place ads on their vehicles through third- companies such as Firefly, this marks the first time that ride-hailing companies plan to launch their own ads. During the initial deployment, approximately 1,000 cars will display advertisements on the roof. This publication has more details:

The partnership with Adomni also opened a new business unit for Uber, Uber OOH powered by Adomni, and the company's additional revenue stream, which went public in May 2019. Exclusive agreement Since July 2018, it has cooperated with Uber to provide on-board business products such as snacks and beauty products. In addition to the advertising revenue sharing agreement between Uber and Adomni, the company also provided a separate display with Uber.

Cargo reached an agreement with Uber in 2018 to sell snacks and tech accessories to Uber passengers, recently closed its car convenience , and Turn -You guessed it! — Roof advertising.

As you would expect from a data-rich company like Uber, ad impressions respond to location and time. According to Advertising weekly, A kindThe ds will be set up as a geofence and can also be synchronized with other displays managed by Adomni. "Imagine you are at a busy city intersection, all cars and billboards display the same ad," Advertising weekly Correspondent Scott Nover tweeted that it was truly unimaginable.

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Of course, Uber doesn't own its own fleet, so drivers need to benefit from it to motivate them to install advertising displays. Advertising weekly He said drivers in the three cities of Phoenix, Dallas, and Atlanta will receive $ 300 for the installation of a rooftop display and drive more than 20 hours a week for an additional $ 100 in revenue. After April 1, the driver will be paid based on how many hours the driver has driven. It is unclear whether these displays are permanent and whether they will damage the driver's car. An Uber spokesman declined to comment.

Uber is not the only ride-sharing company interested in advertising [and ad revenue]. Recent Lyft Acquired a small startup called Halo Cars Drivers can make money by installing roof advertising on the car. Uber has been Experiment with ad content For many years, but only recently was limited to the company's . This is the first time these experiments have entered the car itself.

However, Uber will take a good route as it gets closer to what it claims to be the most annoying: the old-fashioned [and corrupt] taxi industry.