Due to -19, has introduced passenger verification requirements as another layer of security measures. This feature requires passengers (especially those who were called out by the driver because they did not wear a mask during previous trips) to take a selfie to show that they are wearing a mask. Unless passengers take a selfie with a mask, they will not be able to book their next trip. Uber launched this feature in the United States and Canada in September, and is now expanding it to other regions. It also introduced a similar mask to verify the selfie function for drivers in May of this year.

Uber passengers will be required to verify based on previous driver feedback. If the driver out that the rider is not wearing a mask while sitting in the cab, the rider will be asked to share a selfie with a mask for verification in order to book his next ride. After successful verification, the driver will be able to book the next trip through the Uber app. Uber said that since the introduction of driver mask verification selfies in May this year, more than 17.44 million verifications have been conducted in India alone.

In addition, Uber has also introduced safety measures, such as “ checklists”, mandatory driver education on Covid-19-related safety agreements, mandatory mask policies for drivers, and self-portraits for drivers’ mask verification before travel . Uber also introduced a feature that allows riders and drivers to cancel trips if they find that the other party is not wearing a mask. No penalty will be charged for cancellation.

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In addition, Uber recently announced that it will add 1,000 electric vehicles in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. These cars can be rented through Uber’s Premier and Rental services in its app. The company has partnered with Lithium Urban Technologies to achieve this goal. It said it plans to increase the number of electric vehicles in its fleet from the current 100 to 2,000 in the next 12 months.

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