Following in the footsteps of competitor Lyft, Uber announced Wearing a mask is mandatory for riders and drivers. New precautions can be minimized coronavirus The infection will be effective in the United States, India, Canada, and most parts of Europe and Latin America starting May 18.

If the driver does not wear a mask or face mask, they will not be able to access the Internet, and the driver may lose the risk of using Uber due to violations. Before starting the ride, Uber drivers and riders will be asked to take selfies and verify that they are wearing masks.

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In addition, drivers agree in advance that they will sit in the back and keep the windows open for ventilation. In addition, if neither the driver nor the rider wears a mask, both the driver and the rider can cancel the ride without being fined. Uber's new policy of wearing masks will continue until the end of June.

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By Rebecca French

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