Uber drivers and other odd jobs will be eligible for unemployment insurance for the first time as part of the Senate $ 2 trillion Coronavirus Stimulation Act

Uber Lyft protests

  • $ 2 trillion Coronavirus Economic Assistance Act This includes helping gig economy workers such as and Lyft who have solved livelihoods during the .
  • These workers will be eligible for unemployment insurance for the first .
  • They will also be eligible for an additional four months of additional payments to the unemployed by the bill.
  • It is unclear how much money drivers, contractors and freelancers can earn each month, but they should be eligible for a weekly salary equivalent to laid-off full-time employees.
  • The maximum weekly amount varies by state, but additional unemployment insurance can add up to an extra $ 600 per week.
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The email Business Insider received from Uber drivers was heartbreaking. For her, St. Patrick's Day is usually a very busy day. But this year, her state bar was closed, the incident was banned, and no one left in a quiet airport.

She told Business Insider: "I sat at the airport for 9 hours and only received 3 passengers." "Since my entire livelihood is dependent on my vehicle, I have questions about how to pay basic bills, including car payments Car insurance]. ”

She is not ill or isolated, so she is not eligible for the company's sick pay policy. Technically, she is classified as a contractor, so she is not eligible for unemployment benefits in her state.

But now, she and thousands of other American riders, gig economy workers and freelancers are full of hope, during which time they have seen a breakdown in livelihoods. Coronavirus pandemic.

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A provision in the Senate's Coronavirus Stimulation Act, known as "pandemic unemployment assistance," makes contractors, freelancers, and other self-employed workers ultimately eligible for unemployment insurance.

It's not entirely clear how much money workers can make each week, but the bill Pass Senate Wednesday nightHe said that if they were full-time employees eligible for regular unemployment insurance, the amount should be equal to the amount they received from the state unemployment plan.

Federal law requires unemployment benefits to be the same as the weekly wages received from employers, capped by a state-set ceiling. The maximum number varies by state. For example, Florida ’s highest $ 275 per week; California's $ 450 per week.

However, the Coronavirus Stimulation Act also provides all eligible people, including unemployed workers, with four months of additional unemployment insurance, up to an additional $ 600 per week.

New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer said the expanded unemployment benefits in the bill seek to protect workers "whether working for small, medium or large businesses, or self-employed and gig economy workers" In a press release.

The bill must now pass in the House before it can reach President Trump's desk to become law.

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