The Pentagon is setting up a new office to investigate UFOs because people fear that after extensive investigations, it will not be able to explain mysterious near highly sensitive military areas.

The Pentagon said on Tuesday night that the Deputy Secretary of Defense Catherine Hicks, in cooperation with the US Director of National Intelligence, ordered the establishment of a new investigative agency in the US Department of Defense’s Office of Intelligence and Security.

The order was issued five months after a classified U.S. intelligence report on possible alien UFOs was inconclusive: it could explain some reported incidents, but it could not explain other phenomena, some of which were carried out by pilots in the military. Taken near the test area.

The new office will focus on incidents that occur in or near designated “special use airspace” (SUA) areas, which are strictly controlled and banned from general aviation due to safety sensitivity.

The U.S. military is concerned that some unidentified flying phenomena discovered by military pilots in the past may represent technologies of strategic competitors that U.S. scientists know about.

The Pentagon said in a statement: “Any intrusion of air objects into our SUA will cause flight safety and operational safety issues, and may pose a challenge to national security.”

It added that the Ministry of Defense “takes reports of intrusions-any identified or unidentified air objects-and conducts investigations very seriously.”

The new office is called the Airborne Target Recognition and Synchronization Group (AOIMSG), and it is the successor to the U.S. ’s Task Force on Unidentified Air Phenomena.

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It will be supervised by a team of experts from the military and intelligence communities.

A major secret official review of the UFO report released in June determined that most of the approximately 120 incidents in the past 20 years are explainable and have nothing to do with unknown or secret U.S. or foreign technology.

But it cannot explain some of the attractive reports and videos produced by military personnel.

Last year, the Pentagon released a still puzzling video of objects taken by naval pilots moving, rotating and mysteriously disappearing at incredible speeds.

China’s July test of a hypersonic vehicle that circumnavigates the Earth that can launch a single missile at more than five times the speed of sound warned Washington that Beijing may have technology that the United States has not yet developed.