Twitter acquired Revue, a newsletter publishing company, for an undisclosed price, as part of its expansion of business and more features for writers who distribute their work on Twitter.

Revue’s service allows people to manage the publication and subscription of newsletters, and the service will continue to operate as an “independent service” within Twitter. Blog Announce the transaction. Twitter will cancel some service fees to encourage more people to create newsletters and reduce subscription revenue collected through Revue by 5%.

Part of the reason why Revue attracts Twitter is that it can help expand business beyond advertising, which accounts for more than 85% of Twitter’s annual revenue and provides some of the more popular users of the site with a way to make money from its followers. method.

Twitter executives wrote in a blog: “You can expect audience-based monetization to be an area where we will continue to develop new support methods.” Twitter also confirmed that it is considering choosing its own subscription service.

E-mail communication is an early form of online publishing and has made a comeback in recent years. This format has been accepted by traditional media companies and startups. The most popular is Substack, which provides independent authors with a platform for sending newsletters to free or paid subscribers. Among the most famous writers are Andrew Sullivan, the former of The New Republic, and Matthew Tybee, of The Rolling Stone.

Revue’s six-member team is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and will join Twitter, which said it will hire to expand the department.

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Twitter has made many acquisitions in recent months, mainly small startups to recruit people. Since the beginning of December, Twitter has purchased social video app Squad, podcast company Breaker and design company Ueno with 50 employees.

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