suspended 550 accounts on Wednesday related to violent clashes during a farmer tractor rally in the capital on the 72nd Republic .

A Twitter spokesperson told ANI that the platform also flagged tweets deemed to violate its “comprehensive and manipulative media policy.”

The spokesperson said: “We have taken strong enforcement actions to protect conversations on the service from attempts to incite violence, abuse, and threats because they can prevent certain clauses that violate our trend rules, which may Causes the risk of offline injury.

The spokesperson said: “Through a combination of technology and manual review, Twitter has carried out large-scale work, and has taken action on hundreds of accounts and tweets that violate Twitter rules, and suspended more than 550 accounts engaged in spam and platform manipulation. .” ANI.

The Weibo platform stated that it had tagged the tweets that were found to violate the media policy of synthesis and manipulation.

A Twitter spokesperson said: “We are closely monitoring the situation, remain vigilant, and strongly encourage service personnel to report anything they believe violates the regulations.”

On January 26, violated the center’s three new farm laws at their Kisan tractor rally and broke into Delhi and into parts of the national capital.

The mob destroyed some public and private property. Regarding violent incidents, a total of 22 flight information regions were registered and more than 300 police officers were injured.

Delhi police detained 200 in connection with violence.

November 26 last year, farmers have been protesting the three newly promulgated agricultural laws in different areas of the national capital: “Farmer Production, and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act 2020”; “Price Guarantee and Farm Services Act 2020” ”And the “Farmer Empowerment and Protection ” in the Basic Commodities (Revision) Act of 2020.

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