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Unless you have been living in the monastery and have not avoided the Internet, you must have realized that a large number of Twitter hacks, including accounts of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, etc. have been leaked to send encrypted scam messages. Well, Twitter finally broke the silence and explained that no password was accessed, and it is still working to restore certain account activities.

“We have no evidence that the attacker accessed the password. Currently, we believe that there is no need to reset the password.” Twitter said. However, the company has not yet determined whether the DM is also damaged. The social media giant also revealed that Employees with access to internal systems and tools can perform attacks.

In addition to preventing verified account tweets for several hours to further prevent the distribution of cryptocurrency scam messages, Twitter also temporarily locked the function of resetting account passwords. However, the company said that after a massive attack, people can now reset their account credentials.

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