plans to provide more to outside who study online and moderation, in part to increase transparency on the , the media company said on Thursday.

The company will also open up the application process to allow more people working in academia, civil society and journalism to join the Twitter Moderation Consortium, which Twitter launched earlier this year in a pilot mode to gain access to the dataset.

While have been the flow of harmful content on social platforms for years, they have often done so without the direct involvement of social media .

In a briefing with reporters, Twitter said it the data would spark new research on how to online misinformation.

Twitter has shared data sets with about coordinated efforts by foreign governments to support information manipulation on Twitter.

company Say It now plans to share information about other areas of content moderation, such as tweets flagged as potentially misleading.

Earlier this week, Twitter announced an expansion of the way it recommends posts from don’t follow. Twitter looks forward to building tools for users to control and provide feedback on this content.

“Millions of people sign up for Twitter every day, and we want to make it easier for everyone to connect with and topics of interest to them,” Twitter said in a statement blog post.

For the extension, Twitter is testing an “X” tool that can be used to remove suggested tweets that users don’t want to see on timelines.

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Twitter rival Meta Platforms also disclosed in July that it plans to double the percentage of recommended content that populates its users on Facebook and Instagram by the end of 2023.