The social networking company told Reuters that Twitter launched a new advertising feature on Tuesday and improved the algorithm that determines which ads users see, as part of its efforts to lay the foundation for future e-commerce features.

When the new feature is launched, Twitter is promoting the development of its performance advertising business, a strategy designed to generate sales quickly, which accounted for only 15% of Twitter’s business last year. This effort can help Twitter achieve its goal of doubling its annual revenue by 2023.

The San Francisco-based company positions itself as ultimately allowing brands to sell products through the service, first improving its ability to display relevant ads to users and increasing the likelihood of them clicking on ads.

Kamara Benjamin, Twitter Group Product Manager, said in an interview: “Performing advertising is a very big opportunity… For us, this is relatively underutilized.” “Ultimately, this will lead to people Install apps, visit websites and find products that meet needs.”

The company said in a statement that ads promoting mobile games and other app downloads are the main type of advertising on social media sites and will now allow users to initiate downloads without leaving the Twitter app. Blog post Tuesday. Previously, users had to leave Twitter to download other applications.

Twitter added that it is developing new tools that will allow the company to advertise to find customers who are more likely to make in-app purchases.

Slideshow ads showing multiple products can now take users to different websites when they click on the ad, whereas in the past, brands could only choose one destination. The company said this increased the number of clicks on advertising aimed at driving site visits by 25%.

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Benjamin said that Twitter has also improved its advertising algorithm to show ads to more people at the beginning of the campaign to better measure user interest.

The company said that these algorithmic improvements led to a 36% increase in advertising campaigns, and at least 5 downloads were achieved the time period the ad was launched on Twitter.

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