Twitter is developing multiple features to improve privacy on social media platforms. An executive shared a tweet, demonstrating which features give users more control over who can view, read the tweet, or let people find you on Twitter. These tweets also show the possibility of choosing your profile before replying or sending a tweet. These new features are still concepts, and social media platforms are currently soliciting feedback from users.

Twitter Executive Lena Emara (@LenaEmara) Post A series of tweets showing some concepts currently studied by social media platforms. These concepts are divided into four categories-reply, account breadcrumbs, privacy set, and discover me.

One of Emara’s concepts shared If users’ tweets are protected, they can make public tweet replies before posting. If the user is replying to someone who is not following them, they will now receive a notification reminding them to make the tweet public. Emara also stated that users can switch to public accounts if they wish.

other tweet Shows that if a user has multiple accounts on Twitter, you can know which account the user posts from. Emara said, “It’s possible to switch accounts today, but it’s not obvious. This will make it clearer and put your profile picture, name, username and privacy status in one visible place.”

Privacy set concept talks On how Twitter users may be unfamiliar with the content discoverability and conversation control they may use. Then, the privacy set concept will periodically send alerts to users, allowing them to choose among different setting groups according to their needs at the time.

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Final concept shared Author Emara talks about how users control the way they are discovered on Twitter. Currently, in addition to name and Twitter handle, users can also search for other people by phone number or email ID. The concept now informs users whether they have searched for them using their username. Users can also choose whether they want to be found in this way. In addition, users can set time limits on these discoverability settings.