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Twitter has deleted a tweet posted by BJP politician T Raja Singh in September 2017. In a tweet with video, Telangana’s BJP Legislative Assembly (MLA) urged Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and citizens of the country to expel Rohingya. Muslim immigrants. The 42-year-old politician also uses the hashtag #DeportRohingyaMuslims. He posted a similar message on Facebook, which eventually forced the giant to permanently ban him from accessing the .

tweet Published On September 12, 2017, Singh no longer provided access and displayed a message indicating that it violated Twitter rules. TechCrunch reports that the social network took action after questioning the 3-year-old tweet.

“Twitter has a zero tolerance policy in response to threats of , abuse and harassment, and hateful . If we find an account that violates these rules, we will take enforcement measures. After investigation, the quoted Tweet violated our policy,” A Twitter spokesperson told TechnologyShout.

Twitter added under it Hate Behavior Policy, It will not tolerate abuse or harassment based on religion, age, caste, disability or disease, and will not delete content that violates our Twitter rules (including humanized language). Compared with the previous reporting period, the number of processed accounts recorded by it has increased by 47% Noticed In its latest transparency report.

Singh was seen in a tweet encouraging his followers to share information so that every “Hindu and [other] “Indians” will see it. However, this is not the first a politician has made suspicious comments on social media. For similar posts, Facebook decided earlier this month to ban him from using its platform and Instagram.

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A Facebook spokesperson said: “We have prohibited Facebook’s Raja Singh from violating our policy, which prohibits people who instigate or engage in acts of violence and hatred from appearing on our platform.”

But Singh claim On Twitter, he has not used Facebook since April 2019, so the ban has no effect.

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