Twitter has expanded its tipping function called Tips to users around the world, and added support for using to tip. Tips was first launched in May for a small number of users in the United States. It uses third-party payment services and platforms, including Razorpay in India, to provide creators with payment tips. Twitter also expanded this functionality by adding new payment services. In addition to the reward function, the San Francisco, California-based company also Spaces’ recording and replay options-an integrated product on the platform that can be used as an alternative to the social audio application Clubhouse. Twitter also revealed new custom controls and content review-centric options.

Originally called Tip Jar, the tips on Twitter have been updated to global availability. Twitter said at a press conference on Thursday that the feature will first be promoted to global users on iOS, and then to Android in the next few weeks.

In addition to global availability, Tips now also adds support.

You can use the new encryption to add to the tip feature by adding your address to your Twitter profile to start getting cryptocurrency funds from other users on the platform. People only need to click on the “monetization” icon next to the “follow” button in your profile to copy your bitcoin address and paste it into the bitcoin wallet of their choice, thus prompting you directly from Twitter.

Twitter has also enabled a feature in Tips that allows users to pay for using Strike, a payment application built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. However, the strike is currently limited to people in El Salvador and the United States (excluding Hawaii and New York). Users do not need to have a Strike account to send tips to someone via Twitter. Recipients need to register for a Strike account to add it on Twitter.

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After the briefing, Twitter confirmed to TechnologyShout that cryptocurrency integration is currently limited to Bitcoin. This means that you cannot currently send or receive alerts in other popular cryptocurrencies (such as Ethereum or Litecoin).

Nonetheless, Twitter’s strong preference for digital currencies suggests that it may extend this feature to other cryptocurrencies over time. Earlier this month, I found some references about Twitter’s tipping feature that allows and Ethereum.

Twitter is also adding new payment services to Tips. These services include the online fundraising platform GoFundMe and the Brazilian mobile payment application PicPay. This feature already supports platforms and services, including Bandcamp, Cash App, Chipper, Patreon and Razorpay.

In addition to integration and the expansion of Tips through new payment services, Twitter also that it will soon explore non-fungible token (NFT) authentication on its platform.

Twitter is exploring the introduction of NFT authentication
Image source: Twitter

“It’s a way to support creators and get this art with a seal to prove its authenticity. By allowing people to connect directly to their encrypted wallets, they can track and display their NFT ownership on Twitter,” Twitter employee Product manager Esther Crawford said.

Twitter space with recording and playback functions
Twitter also at its press conference that it is updating Spaces with the highly anticipated recording and replay feature to allow people to listen to audio conversations after they have occurred. This will give Spaces an advantage over Clubhouse, which does not support recording itself.

Twitter space record replay option image twitter space

Twitter Spaces allows you to record and replay audio conversations
Image source: Twitter

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In addition, Twitter is working to improve the discovery of audio-only conversations on its platform by providing more space at the top of the timeline and in dedicated locations.

Recording options and improved findings are marked as “coming soon”-the exact release date has not been announced.

Twitter Space Discovery Image Twitter Space

Twitter Spaces will gain better discoverability in the future
Image source: Twitter

Twitter also the establishment of a special fund for Spaces hosts. The company said it will provide financial, technical and marketing support to emerging audio creators who are passionate about live audio formats and interested in creating repeat shows on Spaces.

The exact size of the fund and other details have not yet been announced.

New controls for healthy conversations
In addition to product updates, Twitter also talked about the way it tried to make the platform more suitable for healthy conversations—limiting abuse and trolls. It will also launch a feature called Heads Up in the future, allowing users to know who is in the conversation and what their atmosphere is before joining. This may help reduce the number of potentially heated discussions on the web.

Tweet heads up image tweet

Twitter is developing a feature called Heads Up to help reduce heated discussions on the platform
Image source: Twitter

Twitter is also testing a community feature that brings like-minded people together under one roof. These communities will have dedicated moderators and specifications-beyond the usual Twitter rules.

Soon, Twitter will also allow you to remove yourself from conversations you don’t want to participate in. This will allow users to no longer receive notifications, even if they are mentioned in the conversation. It is currently testing an option where you can use the web or its mobile app to remove followers from your profile-no need to let them know or block their accounts manually.

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A few weeks ago, Twitter Start testing profile tags For accounts that use robots. The company said it plans to expand more account types in the future, such as corporate, brand and commemorative accounts.

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