Trump says U.S.-China "close cooperation" to fight coronavirus

Xi Jinping [L] and US Donald are in Beijing, .

Artyom Ivanov | Pass | Getty Images

China The leaders of the two countries said in a phone call on Friday Beijing time that the United States and the United States aim to work more closely together in view of the spread of the coronavirus.

America president Donald Trump In a tweet, he spoke with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping About "very detailed" Coronavirus disease A pandemic that has killed more than 24,000 people worldwide so far.

Trump said on Twitter: "China has gone through many things and has a deep understanding of this ." "We are working closely together. Very respectful!"

The telephone conversation followed a video conference between the leaders of the G-20. Xi Jinping Addresses Call for Strengthened International Cooperation.

According to a Chinese-language official media report translated by CNBC, Xi Jinping said in a phone call with Trump that US-China relations are at a critical moment and he hopes that the US will take substantive actions to improve relations.

Xi Jinping's comments reported: "China is willing to continue to provide intelligence and experience to the United States without reservation."

The official Chinese media report of the call pointed out that Trump said that China's experience had given him “ huge inspiration ''.

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