The cargo debris [L] departed from Yantian Port in the United States on November 7, 2019 and arrived at the Port of Los Angeles, the busiest container port in the United States.

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A senior White House trade adviser on Tuesday denied that the Trump is considering extending tariffs on imported goods for three months to ease the economic halt caused by the pandemic.

Industry groups representing domestic manufacturers and unions say some U.S. corporate interests are seeking to persuade the government and the Customs and Border Protection [CBP] for extensions.

The letter from the Americans to the agent of the US Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan, for prosperity, said: "Deepest concern over the latest information on your agency's deferred tariffs on imported goods and consider allowing All tariffs are postponed for 90 days. "

The group is chaired by former Nucor CEO Dan Dimicco, who is a former presidential adviser Donald TrumpThe delay was said to "damage U.S. producers who have been harmed by improper imports and are now being harmed by coronavirus."

Bloomberg reported earlier CBP and other agencies are discussing the extension proposal on the grounds of an insider who declined to be named.

Trump's top trade adviser Peter NavarroThe report was rejected, saying it relied on anonymous sources and "disregarded the administration's trade policies."

"This is fake news," Navarro, known for his views on China's hawks, told Reuters. "Trump's tariffs have always been an important against China's economic aggression, and we have become stronger because of its existence. tariffs will only make China wealthy at the expense of American workers."

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CBP said on Friday that due to the severity of the new coronavirus disease, it will some importers with extra days to pay duties, taxes and fees on imported goods.

A CBP spokeswoman declined to .

Scott Paul, chairman of the American Manufacturing Alliance, led by the American Iron and Steel Workers Federation and domestic manufacturers, said his organization is firmly opposed to anti-tariff proposals.

"Allies pushing the end of broader tariffs are not going to help now," Paul told Reuters. "We know they have lobbyed the leadership and executive branch of Congress. We are firmly opposed to this."

Paul's group sent a similar letter to CBP's Morgan, arguing that the move would lead to a surge in imports that would hurt US manufacturers during the difficult times of the current economic .

Another industry official pointed out that a -scale shutdown will curb consumer demand and cause imports to fall, regardless of tariffs.

The of the United States Trade Representative did not immediately comment.

Earlier this month, the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin The Trump administration says Trump has not considered easing import tariffs on Chinese products to ease the economic pain of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus has hit the US economy hard. Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Tuesday sought to finalize a deal on a $ 2 trillion stimulus package to limit losses.

Trump last week Invoking the National Defense Production ActThis will allow the US government to speed up the production of equipment needed to infectious diseases, although Trump said he does not need to use the law because many companies have proposed the production of fans, disinfectants and other items.

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