Apple confirmed Thursday that Tony Blevins, a key figure in the company’s supply chain operations, is leaving the iPhone maker, without giving any reason.

The move comes after a TikTok video of the executive making rude comments about women went viral. Bloomberg first reported Blevins’ departure.

In a video on TikTok posted earlier this month, Blevins can be heard answering a question about what he did: “I have a luxury car, I play golf, I caress women with big breasts, I will and major holidays off” for a living.

TikTok content creator Daniel Mac approached Blevins at an auto show as part of a video series in which Mac asked luxury car owners about their occupations.

Mac and Blevins’ mates in the Mercedes were laughing as Blevins riffed off the car. Bloomberg reports that Blevins appears to be referencing nearly the same lines spoken by the protagonist of the 1981 Arthur.

Apple did not comment on the reasons for Blevins’ departure. Reuters tried unsuccessfully to contact Blevins for comment. Bloomberg cited a statement Blevins in which the executive apologized for causing offense for what he called a “wrong attempt at humor.”

Blevins is Apple’s vice president and plays an important role in the company’s supply chain operations.

His job involves arranging between two and six suppliers for each of the thousands of components in Apple’s products, and pitting those suppliers against each other to get better prices for Apple. The Wall Street Journal’s 2020 profile of Blevins said he was known internally as “Blevinator” at the iPhone maker.

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