During these isolated periods, we have been working hard to make you happy, and this time we have prepared various games for you. However, we have not selected them randomly. The graphics of all the games we provide to you today are far beyond the average level of mobile games, and also provide pleasing effects.
Of course, these games are not only dazzling candy, they also provide an immersive environment and fascinating gameplay. Excited to see what happens next? So, let's get started!

Call of Duty: Mobile

Do we even need to describe Call of Duty? It is the most popular first-person franchise in the world, and it was a great success after publishing games for mobile devices. Realistic graphics are a big part of it, but the function of the game must also be considered. There are multiple game modes to choose from, and each mode has a unique and unique gameplay. From weapons and loads that you can customize to unlock achievements, "Call of Duty: Mobile" has a lot to see. If you have not joined the ranks of millions of players, now is the best time!

Asphalt 9: Legend

"Asphalt 9" is another popular game, and for good reason. These graphics are so good, you start to wonder how smart your smartphone is these days. Of course, the actual driving is far away from the actual driving. Your car takes more time to roll in the air than the actual tires. The steering is almost automatic, but this is all for entertainment purposes. And this game can also play a role in this regard. Exotic supercars, detailed maps, and challenging opponents are all available.

Metal Madness PvP

But what if you want to include part of Call of Duty as part of Asphalt 9? Okay, you will get metal crazy PvP! Choose a vehicle, your weapon to the roof, and then enter the arena that other players have already done, can't wait to blow you to pieces! Sounds interesting, right? it is! You can choose a fast and agile sports car or a slow but durable truck that best suits your game style. Earn rewards and upgrade your death machine to make it more efficient, thereby driving more fun and shooting.

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Left for survival

When it comes to shooting at things, you will do a lot of things when implementing our next recommendation: let it survive. At first glance, this is a classic zombie survival first-person shooter. But in such games there are usually no two elements.

First, there are personal solos and 2v2 PvP. That's right, when the doomsday strikes, people often confront each other, so if blind are too boring for you, other players will definitely let you fight for survival.

Second: Airborne missions. Shooting the enemy with a helicopter is a good pace, and, if we have to be honest, it is really satisfying. As promised, all of this comes from high-detail graphics.

The Elder Scrolls: Blade

Even in high-end graphics game companies, "The Elder Scrolls: Blade" also stands out with its gorgeous levels and 3D models, which can easily rival the console games. Compared to other games in the series, the gameplay of The Elder Scrolls has been simplified, but you can still indulge in Tamriel's fantasy world. You can clear dungeons among monsters, collect loot, and of course complete missions. This game also has a PvP mode, where you can fight against other players in the arena. Either way, if you want to venture in beautiful landscapes, The Elder Scrolls: Blades are the right choice.

Warhammer 40,000: Blade of Freedom

Another franchise game has many titles. This popular tabletop strategy game comes to life on your phone, and its amazing visual effects are composed of huge mechas and cities, which crash under the rocket explosion. Shoot your enemies with a machine gun or use giant mechanical swords to fight them in close combat, this is your choice. The gameplay is simplified and the movement is done automatically, so you can focus on using weapons as efficiently as possible.

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As expected, if you have sufficient resources, you can use a large of upgrades and customization options to unlock and equip. If you are a fan of Warhammer 40,000 world, then you should definitely try this game.

Ark: Survival Evolution

"Ark" is a game with an amazing open world, dinosaurs can roam freely, you can start the journey of finding food and clothing, and try to maintain life. However, as you become more experienced, you will find yourself the owner of these dinosaurs and the owner of the base you designed and built yourself. You do n’t have to do anything alone, but you can always find like-minded people and join a tribe. Together, you can take an adventure in a beautiful environment, waiting here to discover many secrets.

Good memories

For graphics, Bright Memory belongs to its own category. It great! We are not even talking about the console level, but the PC level details. You can see that this game has "minimum" and "recommended" chips, which can quickly tell you where you are in the PC field. However, even if you have a top-notch mobile phone, you should pay attention to the following before getting excited.

First of all, this is a paid game. Of course, for most people, this is not an expensive, but an obstacle of a few dollars. Secondly, the story game it provides is only about an hour. But that was an hour! Like a sequence of actions you have never seen in a mobile FPS.

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Unfortunately, the game is short, but if you want to experience what most games look like in a year or two, please reallocate the budget for morning coffee and feast your eyes.

Iron Sword: Medieval Legend RPG

Iron Blade is a classic RPG. Your character is covered by armor from head to toe and swings around the biggest and worst weapon he can handle, causing countless monster deaths in the process. Moreover, despite the existence of many such games for smartphones, few games are as good as Iron Blade. The level is huge, and changes between different environments make the gameplay boring. As you level up, you will learn new skills and gain more powerful weapons, which are the weapons needed to defeat the boss.

The game also has PvP elements, you can control your castle, and must defend against the invasion of other players. Iron Blade is not all hacked and felled!

Black Desert Mobile

Last but not least, we provide you with MMORPG. The picture of "Black Desert" is striking, emphasizing the spectacular skills and effects, even if only a few enemies are involved, the battle epic. You can choose five classes, each with unique fighting styles and skills. Since you have almost nothing, you will have to work hard to gain the experience needed to unlock the most powerful skills and get quality equipment. As many other players roam around the world, you can make new friends, or just partner to complete one or two tasks faster. "Black Desert" [Black Desert] suffered the negative effects of free games, but in general, it also provides many free games. Definitely worth a try!