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On March 16, 500 people had the opportunity to speak with Darren Murph, 's head of remote work. With the new COVID-19 virus, many companies are adjusting their workforces to make some, if not all, remote. is currently one of the world's largest fully remote companies, and we love their transparency in terms of best practices and company policies. They had to say something to 500 portfolio companies so that they could seek advice during this unusual period.

Tips from GitLab remote supervisor

The biggest problem when working remotely is how to hire and hire new people. What you should look for among respondents:

  • Looking for someone's manager. Look for people who can manage themselves and stay organized because there is no physical space to inspect them. Clearly communicated people often thrive in this environment.
  • Looking for storytellers. You will need to pay particular attention to details and storytelling to quickly and effectively transfer work and projects to others on your team. Failure to do so may result in a large number of unnecessary emails and conference calls.
  • Find someone who values ​​flexibility. If this means they have enough time to work flexibly, then flexible employees are likely to stoop backwards for the company.

During this stressful and unpredictable period, companies have come to realize that their startups are fully capable of working remotely. In fact, there are already many. Now, all you need to do is create a productive space and actively participate in normal day-to-day business. If you are interested in listening to the full Q &; A by Darren Murph of GitLab, please watch on our website YouTube channel.

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As we go through all these changes together, what is the one on our side? technology. Below, we have compiled a list of 500 portfolio companies that provide resources to help transition to remote work.

Conference and phone

Find technical solutions for telecommuting: Omni laboratory

OhmniLabs provides technical solutions for telecommuting, telepresence and distance learning.

Host a glitch-free video call: amplification

Zoom is one of the leaders in online video conferencing. We have used them ourselves for conferences, webinars, etc.

Project management and team dynamics

Remote optimization project management: run provides a complete work management platform for companies that need to control tasks, projects and processes.

Management team time: timely

When you are trying to figure out how the team works, Timely provides your team with an integrated solution that can easily report how much time they have spent on different projects.

Better manage your business contacts: Brinks

Batch 26 company Bliinx builds business relationships with you through contacts and provides news and insights for you and everyone who interacts with your team.

Collect better team feedback: Hyphen

Hyphen helps leaders gather honest feedback from employees, identify opportunities, and prioritize actions that build trust and drive engagement.

Increase team productivity and engagement: arcade

Arcade creates a gamified experience for teammates, encouraging people to agree on work and improve work efficiency.

Optimize your inbound sales: New call

Novocall helps increase and organize inbound sales so you can reduce the time it takes to schedule calls and follow up with potential .

and mental

Integrated mental health: Optimality

Optimity helps users develop healthy habits while integrating different productivity and health applications, so you can keep all your information in one place.

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Stay focused: Focus @ Will

Having spent a long time at , Focus @ Will uses the sound features discovered by neuroscientists to help you focus and retain information.

Reflect and set your intentions: Silk + Sander

Another Batch 26 company, Silk + Sonder offers a monthly self-care magazine that is carefully planned to help you , reflect and achieve your goals.

Remote recruitment

Hire remote technicians: boarding

Get On Board, another Batch 26 company, provides a one-stop service to quickly hire remote and field technical professionals.

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