& Jerry will now be screened in Indian cinemas on 19, a week earlier than originally announced. Warner Bros. India revealed the new date through its social media channels on Thursday. This makes the release date of Indian movies one week ahead of the US, and Tom & Jerry will release the on HBO Max (the exclusive streaming service in the US) and movie theaters on February 26. In India, in addition to the three local language dubbing: Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, English (original language) mixed live/animated Tom and Jerry movies will also be provided.

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However, India will not be the first market to seize the iconic cat and mouse big screen to return. Tom & Jerry premiered in the Netherlands on February 10, and subsequently premiered in Brazil and Singapore on February 11. On February 19, India was the next wave of markets for Iceland and Lithuania. Russia and Slovakia will follow up on February 25, while Tom and Jerry will arrive in the States on February 26. Argentina, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Portugal will follow up on March 4, and Spain and France will release on March 5. In Japan, Tom & Jerry will expire on March 19.

Of course, whether this goes according to plan depends on how the COVID-19 situation is on the ground. For example, approximately 65% ​​of theaters in the United States are still closed (including the major metropolitan areas of New York and Los Angeles). Theaters throughout the UK have been closed indefinitely, and the UK has implemented a third strict blockade across the country. The same is true in France, at least until the end of January. In Spain, the operating capacity of movie theaters is 30% to 50%. But while Americans can choose to Tom and Jerry at home (on HBO Max), others do not.

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Tom & Jerry Hindi

Tom & Jerry Tamil trailer

Tom & Jerry Telugu trailer

Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass) is the human-led role of the event planner Kayla and Tom and Jerry in the new movie. In addition, there are Michael Peña (Ant-Man and Wasp) from Terrance, the hotel’s deputy general manager, Rob Delaney (Catastrophe). Mr. DuBros, the hotel manager, Ken Jeong (community) as the hotel chef Jackie, Colin Jost (on Saturday night) as the wedding groom Ben, and Pallavi Sharda (Besharam) as the bride Preeta.

William Hanna, Mel Blanc and June Foray provide sound effects for Tom and Jerry through archival recording. Hanna is the co-founder of Tom and Jerry and Joseph Barbera. Tim Story (cycling) is directing Tom and Jerry to adapt the script of Kevin Costello (Brigsby Bell). Tom & Jerry are works of Warner Animation Group, Turner Entertainment Company and The Story Company.

Watch the first trailer of the Tom and Jerry movie

This is the official outline of Tom and Jerry from Warner Bros.:

When Jerry moved into the best hotel in New York City on the eve of “The Wedding of the Century,” it rekindled one of the most beloved competitions in history, which forced the desperate planners of the event to hire Tom to get rid of him , In director Tim Story’s “Tom and Jerry.” The ensuing cat and mouse battle threatened her career, the wedding, and the hotel itself. But soon a bigger problem emerged: a vicious and ambitious staff member conspired against these three people. Tom and Jerry’s new big-screen adventure combines classic animation and live action, which is eye-popping, breaking new ground for iconic characters and forcing them to do incredible things…to work together to save the .

Tom & Jerry will go abroad in India in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on February 19.

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