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To prolong life, take bold action and Nissan may kill the only model that everyone cares about.
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An energy-saving plan of 2.8 billion euros is expected to be launched soon. Part of this plan may lead to the elimination of Nissan Z and GT-R models in Europe.. It’s hard to imagine a GT-R in the world that won’t be at the top of Nissan’s halo model, but due to the global pandemic, Nissan was forced to make difficult decisions to survive in this industry that was hit hard.

What’s wrong with Nissan?

To prolong life and take bold action, Nissan may eliminate the only model where anyone cares about the high-resolution appearance
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Due to the popularity of COVID-19, many things did not pop up. Since Chairman Carlos Ghosn was arrested for fraud in 2018, Nissan has been struggling to find its own direction.

As Nissan struggled to deal with the impact of the Ghosn scandal, sales went south. In the United States-it has long been one of Nissan’s most important markets-sales in 2019 fell by 10%, and this decline is difficult to when car sales are approaching record levels.

Ghosn ’s hard line and costless growth methods have plummeted in recent years, which has not helped, since the company ’s distribution and sales network have remained stable since the previous chairman ’s plunge from grace.

Then, COVID-19 made the world succumb. The coronavirus pandemic effectively shut down the automotive industry worldwide. Nissan is not the only car manufacturer suffering from a pandemic, but considering all the factors, the COVID-19 pandemic has made Nissan on the verge of collapse.

What is Nissan’s plan to stop the trend?

To prolong life, take bold action and Nissan may kill the only model that everyone cares about.
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Like any company struggling to achieve break-even, the first step in preventing bleeding is to cut costs. According to reports, Nissan has plans to do this, and the amount of money it does not plan to spend is staggering. According to European Automotive News, Nissan Motor will announce a cost reduction measure totaling 2.8 billion euros. Yes, 2.8 billion euros.

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According to reports, the plan is part of a three-year plan that is expected to keep Nissan cars long enough to allow the automaker to swim into shallow waters. Of course, this amazing money-saving measure also has tentacles, one of which is to permanently put the Datsun brand on the ranch.

This is not a big loss; Datsun has largely become an afterthought for car brands. At present, only some countries / regions provide products with low-cost car brands, so in the grand background of Nissan’s auto program, the demise of the brand is not so shocking. In addition, the brand’s production center in Indonesia closed in December 2019; if any, it heralds the development of Dasheng.

To prolong life and take bold action, Nissan may eliminate the only model where anyone cares about the high-resolution appearance
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In addition to scrapping Datsun, Nissan It also plans to cut spending in many of its key sectors, including marketing and research and development. Reuters Also reported that Nissan plans to rely heavily on its partner Renault, part of which involves more emphasis on launching crossovers, SUVs and commercial vehicles in Europe.

Considering the prevalence of crossovers and SUVs around the world, this is a wise move, although it must be said that the world has changed dramatically in the past three months. After the pandemic is eliminated, it is unclear how much consumer power will be retained. Either way, making money in the most popular car segment these days is a smart move to get you back on your feet.

Unfortunately, if the focus is on crossovers and SUVs, it may cause casualties in Nissan’s current lineup. In particular, there are three models that are in danger of being abandoned, and these three models happen to be the three most recognized models in the brand roster.

Can we really see the end of Nissan Z and Nissan GT-R?

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2013 Nissan 370Z facelift

I know this is a bitter pill to swallow, especially when you consider that in the next few years, the power of the next generation of these two models will continue to increase. of course, 370Z with R35 GT-R The service of the 370Z is longer than expected-the 370Z has been on the market since 2009, and the latest version of has been in existence since 2007-but according to widely reported, the long-awaited successor of the 370Z-may Named ‘400Z’-already working.

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Nissan even brought the 370Z-based prototype to Nurburgring for some testing last year. Automaker Heck even registered the new “Z” logo as a trademark Two months In the past, people, including people here, were very excited. If Nissan abandons the development of 400Z, it will be devastating, not only for brand advocates, but more importantly, for those who have really waited more than 10 years for 370Z to follow up.

2020 Nissan GT-R Nismo-Drive external
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Then the R35 GT-R even thought of the idea of ​​living in the world without a GT-R, which has put us in trouble. It is true that the next-generation R36 is not expected to be available, but if Nissan decides to retire the model, it is still disappointing. right now, Reuters According to the report, this phase-out will take place in Europe, and these two performance models can still survive in other markets.

What is the fate of Nissan Navarre?

2015 Nissan NP300 Navarre high-resolution appearance
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of Nissan Navarra ’Fate is not directly related to the fate of the 370Z and GT-R, but as part of Nissan’s cost-cutting measures, its fate may also be the entry point. To make matters worse, Navara’s market is not limited to the European market. If Nissan moves on and closes its production facility in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where Navara is manufactured, the pickup truck may be completely eliminated along with Renault’s cousin Alaskan.

Of course, Navara is not as eye-catching as the 370Z and GT-R, but it has been a major component of the Nissan pickup lineup since the D21 series was launched in 1985. Currently, it is sold on six continents, excluding Antarctica.

2015 Nissan NP300 Navarre high-resolution appearance
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Whether Navara’s demise will affect the status of its American version of Nissan Frontier is unclear. The latter is produced at a car manufacturing plant in Canton, Mississippi, and Murano Titan Titan XD NV freight and NV passengers.

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To date, Nissan has not commented on these reports, but if these reports have no basis, we may have to prepare ourselves to live in a world in which Nissan ’s three most compelling models Limited by the market or completely eliminated.

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