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Look, it's Sunday. Where did this whole week go? If it feels like flying over, then you may not be alone. A kind a lot of Happened for beginners, there is Another democratic debate America is hit First "Community Transmission" Coronavirus Case. Beyond that, Disney + Shipped its Love simon The split TV show is reportedly showing off to Hulu because of concerns that it is too mature for a home-centric streaming service. [The author of this book Love simon According to say this Not as bad as it sounds,but. ] Meanwhile, a writer Reveal Find out if your ex is dating Lady Gaga. [Gaga gave it back to the little monster New single. ] But all this is just the beginning. This is all other information you may have missed online in the past seven days.

Very loud and incredibly close

what happened: You might think that under the collective leadership of the nine debates, Democratic presidential candidates are expected to solve the of "reasonably and thoughtfully arguing about their views without embarrassing themselves." Judging from last week's efforts, you are wrong.

what true happened: Believe it or not, the race to become presidential Democratic candidate is still ongoing. [Also, get this message: There are more than eight months left for the election. Eight!] So, how is it going there? Ok, after three different Primary election, The party held its tenth session [tenth!] Debate in South Carolina on Tuesday. Given that they've entered the election cycle so far, it's easy to assume that candidates now boil down to the whole thing as a science. But is this inference correct?

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Okay, this doesn't sound like good time at all, Complaint on of Moderator go with far Surpass Twitter. That is More ratio 15 million people watch it, so it's obvious some appeal. Apart from the chaos that took place on the stage that night, what was the nature of the yelling?

Such as usually, expert Declare winner And loser, But because there is no such thing at all, a theme seems clear.

The last thing a CBS host asked candidates to provide was their personal motto.

Takeaway: At least one dog looks at home and seems to understand how many viewers feel.


what happened: There is good news on coronaviruses, but unfortunately from the perspective of the U.S. federal government's response, it may be possible for those apocalypse preparers who have been quietly filling the silos with food and preparing for decay That's good news. civilization.