Very badly, nearly 218,000 people worldwide have died of coronavirus. There is no reason to spread misinformation and threaten to increase the total. Bloomberg reports British lawmakers plan to recruit executives from some of the world ’s largest technology companies today to discuss their plans to -19 theories. , Twitter, Facebook and other companies will send representatives to the hearing to discuss not only dangerous and unproven cures for COVID-19, which can kill people, but also conspiracy theories about the source of the coronavirus outbreak.

TikTok, despite its popularity, did not attend the hearing in the UK

TikTok is a media star who will not attend the hearing. In the current crisis, video apps are the most downloaded apps in the world outside of China. This month, some users of the platform released a video that mistakenly linked the spread of coronavirus to the construction of 5G cell towers in the UK and China. Earlier this month, we told you how the actor Woody Harrelson was famous for his witty “Woody” character image in “Cheers,” he posted Washington State University on his Instagram page A report by Martin Pall. Professor Pall pointed out that Wuhan is the first smart city in China, and Wuhan is the first smart city in China. Wuhan is the source of coronavirus that many people believe. The number of 5G base stations in the city increased from 31 at the end of 2018 to 10,000 at the end of last year.

Harrelson admits that he has not fully reviewed Pall's report, but with the spread of this conspiracy theory, some people put things into their own hands, Trying to overthrow and destroy 5G cell towers in the UK and China. TikTok users have done their best to spread conspiracy theories. If you search for "5G" on TikTok, the first three results are 5G tower, 5G coronavirus and 5G conspiracy. An image found on the app showed that a 5G cellular tower mast was on fire, and the words "5g coke burned" were marked below the image. Some comments may trigger further violence, with more than 60 5G cellular tower masts in the UK being attacked or on fire. This conspiracy theory is also active in other countries; an article earlier this week pointed out that some coronavirus hot spots in the United States are where 5G towers exist. Another TikTok clip shows a small cell tower in Miami.

Unfortunately, those who believe in this conspiracy theory are not only destroying 5G towers, but also attacking employees of telecommunications companies. For example, an engineer of the British Telecom Group was recently stabbed and subsequently hospitalized. TikTok said it does not allow the use of conspiracy theories on apps to harm users or the public. However, a cursory review of the application will reveal a large number of posts related to 5G coronavirus theory. Michael Beckerman, head of U.S. at TikTok, told Bloomberg Television last week that TikTok has "pooled a lot of resources" to fight misinformation about coronaviruses.

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Mark Andrejevic, a professor at the School of Media, Film and Journalism at Monash University in Melbourne, said that today ’s hearing with British lawmakers must include TikTok. Andrejevi said: "(The hearing) lacks an important platform for rapid development." "This is a platform for monitoring the spread of conspiracy theories, and it should be noted, especially because it is very popular among young people. Welcome. "Although TikTok is very popular, it is not long the high-tech company that participated in the hearing, which may explain why it was not invited.