15 GB of free storage space, unlimited photo backup-Google Photos is undoubtedly an excellent cloud storage service, but is no longer free. Any photos and videos uploaded after June 1, 2021 will now count towards your 15 GB free storage quota. Once your free storage is used up, will have to make a choice: buy a Google One subscription plan or Switch to another cloud storage service.

If you upload a lot of pictures and videos on Google Photos, it is definitely worth buying a Google One subscription plan, because compared to other popular cloud storage services, you can get 15GB of free storage space and a more affordable plan such as only 5GB ICloud or Microsoft OneDrive for free storage.

Monthly plans for Google Photos, iCloud and OneDrive storage

The basic Google One subscription plan costs Rs. 100GB storage is 130 per month, and the price of the 200GB storage plan is Rs. 210 and high-end 2TB storage plans are valued at Rs. 650. Although iCloud provides 50 GB of storage space at Rs. 75, 200 GB storage space, the price is Rs. 219, the last is 2TB storage of Rs. 749. On the other hand, Microsoft OneDrive charges Rs. 100GB storage space is 140 per month.

Therefore, if you are looking for the most generous cloud storage service, then Google Photos is still a good choice. However, if you want a cloud backup service bundled with better free storage space, then here are some of the best options for you.


The first best alternative to Google Photos is Degoo. It has a three-tier membership plan-100GB of free storage space, a Pro level with 500GB of storage space, and an Ultimate level with 10TB of storage space. You can easily upload pictures and videos, and get extra free storage space by watching sponsored ads or even inviting friends to use the app.

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TeraBox or Dubox

TeraBox, previously known as Dubox, is the best alternative to Google Photos. You can upload hundreds of files, folders, pictures and videos without about running out of your free storage space, because it provides 1TB or 1000GB of free storage space, should be enough for most users. The only disadvantage is that although you can enable automatic backup of photos for free, you need a premium member to automatically backup videos.

Amazon photos

Another good option is Amazon Photos, but it is not available in and is expected to soon. This is the best choice for Amazon Prime members because they can get free unlimited photo storage space and 5GB of free video storage space.

Tell us your favorite cloud storage service in the comments section below.

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