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We know you are busy and may miss all the exciting things we talk about on Xbox Wire every week. If you have a few minutes, we can help you solve it. We have reduced the news of the past week to a simple article about Xbox! Or, if you do n’t want to watch instead of watching, you can feast on the weekly video show above. Please make sure to come back every Friday to understand what happened on Xbox this week!

Special Olympics Xbox Virtual Game Event

Announcing the 2020 Special Olympics Xbox Virtual Game Event
Back in 2018, Xbox hosts the first video game tournament at the Special Olympics Held in Seattle, Washington. Special Olympics athletes from four states confront each other … read more

Join the ground flight from June 9
We are pleased to announce that it will continue from June 9th until June 14th, Grounded, The upcoming Obsidian Survival Adventure Game, will officially launch their flight to worldwide! You will now have a chance … read more

Minecraft Xbox Wire hero image

Minecraft: More players are connected than ever
In today ’s extraordinary era, it ’s easier than ever to think of important role , such as my world Can a role in providing daily escape and building social relationships … read more

Prepare for Fallout 76’s 2020 roadmap
use Consequence 76: Waster On Xbox One, as two emerging factions compete for control of West Virginia, players embark on an important journey back to Appalachia. Like any good journey, let’s make a road map … read more

Call of Duty Fearless Set

Call of Duty Donation Fearless Pack is now available on Xbox One
To commemorate the National Military Appreciation Month, the Call of Duty Fund is distributing a set of packages for your operators Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with Theater. Ready to go to the next … read more

Street Power Soccer will bring top style and arcade action to Xbox One this year
Street power football It is a unique emphasis on the most popular sports in the world, emphasizing style, rhythm, precision and strong super power. Whether you are a football fan in your life or someone who has never touched the ball in your life … read more

National Solitaire Day

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of Microsoft Solitaire with those very familiar bounce cards
Today, on National Card Day, we celebrate the 30th anniversaryday Anniversary of Microsoft Solitaire Then say “Thank you!” To all players in the past 30 years! World-renowned … read more

Legendary level added to World of Warships: Legend on Xbox One
Ready to package and update to World of Warships: Legend! The legendary Tier ship is here, with unlocked new features, the Russian battleship has been fully released, including Hladivostok (Class VII) … read more


6 creatures that meet and eat in Maneater
Cannibal Coming soon on Xbox One! Tripwire, we are very happy to allow players to enter our fully realized open world ShaRkPG for the first . world Cannibal Contains … read more

Smite Final Boss Update has a new combat pass
Newest Hit hard The update brings new and challenging enemies to the gods in the form of battle passes. Xbox One is now available, and each skin theme represents the ultimate boss from … read more

Super Power Saver Sales-Hero Image

Super Saver Sales: Great deals on your favorite games
If you want a high discount, you may often check the Microsoft Store transaction page on Xbox. Now if you Love A good discount, you will want to check this page immediately! of Super Saver here… read more

Super forward league charges Roblox on Xbox One
bomb. Asteroid. mummy. These are usually not what you expect to find on the football field, but Cinder Studio’s hit single Roblocks Games Super Forward League,no doubt… read more

ID @ Xbox Games Feast highlights unique creators, stories and characters
From now until May 25, ID @ Xbox will run our fifth annual Game superstar, Focus on new creators, new stories, new characters and new gameplay. There are many discoveries … read more

Design the franchise mode of Super Super Baseball 3
Super Super Baseball 3
It ’s already here. At Metalhead Software, we ca n’t be more excited! We have packed many new features and major improvements in the latest version of Super Mega Baseball. read more

Xbox Game Pass-Console

Xbox Game Pass is coming soon, for consoles: Alan Wake, City: Skylines and Minecraft Dungeons
Recently, I have spent more time chatting with friends to remember the games I played when I was a kid, or those games that are about to be launched. Regarding this, I am happy to say that Xbox Game Pass … read more

Persistence debuts on Xbox One today
We are happy to bring survival horror, Persistence To Xbox One fans, we hope to introduce the low-key aspects of this game to everyone and give them some tips and tricks in before they are needed. read more

Xbox Game Pass-PC

PC version of Xbox Game Pass coming soon: Minecraft Dungeon, Alan Vic, City: Skyline and Plebby Quest
Popular songs keep appearing. not quite! Our game has stood the test of time, and the new game excites you (I saw your hype on Twitter)! There will always be more games … read more

Overwatch Anniversary: ​​Win epic rewards and celebrate in time-limited events
It’s time to celebrate! We are commemorating OverwatchEstablished a four-year anniversary party. Join us to unlock new cosmetics, get rewards every week and play your favorite seasonal fights … read more

The Sea of ​​Thieves will go live on June 3
We are happy to announce that our evolving pirate adventures Sea of ​​Thieves will be steam June 3, 2020. For more than two years, members of our community have been sailing … read more

Xbox next week: May 26-29
Welcome to Xbox next week, we will introduce all the upcoming new games for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC! The Xbox team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality game content every week, so that you can enjoy on … read more

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