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Creature Core: Customizable battle in Darksiders Genesis, available today on Xbox One
When we set out to do Dark Blood Genesis, Our goal is to create something new-a whole new way to the much-loved Darksiders action adventure series. Work with Airship Syndicate to make games and make sure the games are top-down design … read more

War in Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Xbox One
The return of the iconic map and a mysterious operator lead the development of the second season in this explosive new chapter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare On Xbox One. Free content streaming starts today with the reappearance of ghosts, the return of Rust Multiplayer Maps, and refreshing … read more

Heroes of Rotten Kingdom 2-Swordmaster Edition

Kingdom of Rot 2: Swordmaster Edition announced
Today we are to announce Kingdom of Rot 2: Swordmaster EditionIs an expanded and improved version that meets all your needs State of attenuation 2 And add a lot of new content and improvements for veterans and novices. Most importantly, this is a free automatic upgrade … read more

Top 5 online game safety tips from Xbox Ambassadors
The game takes you on an epic adventure, builds a lifelong friendship, and provides opportunities for creativity and fun every time you play the game. However, it is important to note the security tools and settings available when playing online. At Xbox, we think games should be inclusive … read more

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The next step in the development of cooperative shooting games: interacting with outsiders
Polish developer People Can Fly has been operating for almost 20 years. Starting from the classics painkillerThey used black humor and tense gunfight mechanics shooting action to make a name for themselves. Bullet storm with Gears of War: Trialread more

Borderlands 3 Sad Day Event and Reward for Xbox One
February is usually a romantic time of the year-but in a world full of chaos, everything that is unforgettable is hard to come by Borderlands 3. To celebrate the Broken Heart Day and wreak havoc this week to express the true feelings of your vault hunter, Borderlands 3Free seasonal events start … read more

Xbox Live Gold Free Game Day

Free Game Days-NBA 2K20, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD and Sonic Mania
We will bring you more exciting games this weekend, including "Free Game Day"! Experience all the higher-level features and exclusive All-Star 2020 content NBA 2K20 Must be provided. Or do you have reservations about updating classic games? Then challenge your own reaction read more

Everything in Trove on Xbox One breaks loose
Dragonfire Peak is a beautiful world full of toasts ruled by various Trovian Dragons, and is suddenly overwhelmed by the army of passionate tourists from far away places of resistance. bed bugs! There are bugs everywhere! Facing such a difficult situation but helping these people, what can Trovian do? read more

Xbox Game Studio

Microsoft's Xbox Game Studio and Unity Technology partner with Louisiana to host game development camp in New Orleans
Today Louisiana Entertainment Summit, Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios, partners with Unity Technologies and the Economic Development Organization, Greater New Orleans, Inc., the Louisiana Economic Development Agency, and the New Orleans Business Alliance announced … read more

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Everything You Need To Know About Bleeding Edge Closure Beta Weekend
Work together to make Valentine's Day special and make this Valentine's Day special Bleeding edge Beta Weekend! Bleeding edge From the Ninja theory, our first internal test is about to begin on the upcoming 4V4 team competition on Friday. The internal test on February 14th read more

Register Forza Street on Android now!
Today we are happy to announce that pre-registration is now available Forza Motorsport, The Forza experience is designed to play anytime, anywhere, and inspire anyone who loves cars! We responded very well to this game Windows 10 computer, Nice to finally bring it to players … read more

Resistance in 2050: Stop Mutiny
Lock and load, Arkhunters! The invisible eyes are acting. Dark matter's collective military power of Votanis, with scattered wind and rampant death and mutiny, has risen to try to fill this gap. For four weeks, the Midsummer mutiny will continue … read more

Dead Cell: Bad Seed

Dead Cell: Bad Seeds Now Available on Xbox One
I am honored to introduce us to our first DLC Dead cells, Bad seed. These are two new early game levels and a new boss for you to play. Anyway, I think this will be a great opportunity to let you know what has happened in the past year and in the recent past … read more

Wake Sah Chakram – Kunoichi to the Black Desert on Xbox One
The story begins in the Longtian River Valley. There, the Okei tribe lived on the barren, arid land. Ichi and her tribe live a simple life-survived, but never prospered, always praying for rain. The leader of the Okei tribe is wise, rational, confident, everything … read more

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Big Apple Bites: Hands-on with the New York Division 2 Warlords
Launching a new gaming IP can be challenging, but Massive Entertainment employees eliminated it. The Division by Tom Clancy, Which got a sequel in the proper name last year The Division 2 by Tom Clancy. Both games have been praised for putting players to the real version … read more

Take Odin's army to the knees of the Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate on Xbox One
Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate Posted today! For those who do n’t know, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate It was our company's first Xbox One title, and now five years later, we have another exciting and unparalleled adventure. This game marks the next evolution of our 1-to-1,000 action series, setting up one … read more

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Xbox next week: February 18-21 for new games
Welcome to Xbox Next week, we will introduce all the new games coming to Xbox One! The Xbox team works weekly to provide you with high-quality gaming content that you can play on your favorite console. To learn about the upcoming features of the Xbox One, read below and click … read more