This week, Epic will offer three free games worth $ 63


If you are a gamer-or just visit the Cheapskate page occasionally-you may realize Epic game Get used to giving away one or more every . This is a brief remission of the bad news we often receive recently. This , Epic to Free. From now until 2, you can get World War Z, Figment and Tormentor X Punisher for free on Windows or Mac. The total retail value of these is about $ 63. Please enjoy!

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World War II is a truly heart-breaking four-person cooperative third-person shooter featuring a large number of zombies ruthlessly rushing towards their prey. Tell me at the first sight of the trailer, I have no nerves to play this game, but if you are stronger than me, good luck.


Figment is an action adventure game in which to explore the surreal world full of music, humor and multi-layered narrative. Each level looks more illusory than the previous ones, with hand-drawn graphics where you can fight nightmares with strength and reasoning.


From the boss to yourself, everything in Tormentor X Punisher can be killed with a single hit. Bosses create traps that make the arena creepy, and demons adjust to your game style to punish you. Kill, destroy demons, fiddle with combos, gain upgrades by performing unique kills, and try to survive the ongoing onslaught.

This article was previously published. This week's free games have been updated.

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