This is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as charging specs and 5G bands leak

It must happen- Galaxy Note 20 Appeared in the pulp after a lot of leaked renderings-the latest Note 20 physical leak It doesn’t even look like a virtual unit, because many of the original “appear in the flesh” appearances look real.

You can clearly see the huge monotonous camera island on the back, as well as the fascinating new focus sensor and the square mirror opening of the periscope zoom. This time, the S Pen and speaker grille have been moved to the left of the port, so users who have been using the for a long time may understand the 20.
As for the black model version, um, this is a bit of an acquired taste, but we can immediately see the Note 20 design ratio Note 10, The top baffle is scraped off more, and the hole punch is reduced. Oh yes, it will also come with the latest One UI 2.5 The software version will slowly drop into the S20 series and the 2019 Samsung version.

Note 20 also made FCC cameoAnd the certification document shows that it will cover all 5G frequency bands under the sunlight used by US operators, including a variety of mmWave frequencies, which will satisfy Verizon users. Wireless charging Just like the S20 series, it can reach up to 9W.

The FCC seems to be called Samsung SM-N986U, most likely an Ultra or Plus model, or any model Samsung chooses to name, and will come with its own LED View cover, just like the FCC.

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