Heres how you can get the best selling Samsung Galaxy A51 for free

of Galaxy A51 There is no doubt that it is one of the best all-round with relatively tight budgets today. Over 6 million people worldwide Agreement was reached only in the first quarter of this year, allegedly mid-range The most popular Android model in three months.

Only for a limited time, the largest wireless service provider in the United States has released the black-coated A51 for $0. Naturally, the huge $400 comes with some special conditions and additional conditions, but what we are talking about is not particularly complicated or difficult to claim.

There is no need to discount the device or enter the numbers. You can even choose to buy the at a retail price of $399.99, or you can choose to pay monthly installments over two years at $16.66 per month. Either way, within 24 months of opening a new service line in the unlimited plan, your savings will be credited to your bill in equal credit.

Yes, it’s that simple, even though the Galaxy A51 still has no power, it is equipped with a normal 9611 processor, a gorgeous Super AMOLED display with a stylish puncher, or One UI based on Android 10 2.1 Software, bulky 4,000mAh , headphone jack, microSD card slot, 128 GB of internal storage space, 4GB RAM and even inherent flaws but the versatile quad rear camera system, for novices and beginners, this one Things are not cheap. Existing Verizon customers.

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