The team that created the heavily modified Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP last month stated that it adds more new features to the handheld game console. Macho Nacho Productions that these new modifications will be “the last modification your Game Boy Advance will always need.” Called The Thicc Boi SP, it will be released as a commercial kit in the next few months. In a new video on YouTube, one of the team members, Tito, explained the installation process in detail and introduced the situation of Game Boy Advance SP users after the new kit was launched.

The new module includes a larger 4,500mAh lithium polymer battery (more than 7 times the originally included in Nintendo), Bluetooth audio and wireless charging. The larger battery allows the Game Boy Advance SP to run for up to 20 hours on a single charge, even with the LCD display. Nevertheless, some users may be put off by thicker backpacks.

Watch the step-by-step editing video here:

Given that the creators received a good response from the last mod outlined in August, they believe they have obtained a product that can be released to the community. Although the installation process can be quite a tricky process, the kit looks attractive and anyone with a little soldering experience should be able to do it. Putting all the required hardware using custom flat flexible cables and custom PCBs also helps the installation process. Unfortunately, it is not a plug-and-play upgrade of the classic Nintendo console.

The current prototype appears to be 3D printed in resin. Tito said that the rear panel is molded with ABS plastic to it look more professional. Logistics challenges and high upfront costs hindered the release of the kit. It is expected that a crowdfunding campaign will be launched soon to overcome it. According to Tito, The Thicc Boi SP project will last for one year.

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