Honda N600 at the 1968 Paris Auto Show

In sharp contrast to its American counterparts, the Japanese auto industry is still relatively young. Of course, Japan dominates non-truck sales charts year after year, but its unparalleled reputation for reliability, affordability, and ease of use was only seriously established in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Except for a relatively small amount DatsunsIn the 1960s, Mazda, Mazda, Toyota and Honda. Before the oil crisis in the early 1970s, Japanese automakers were basically American automakers. Therefore, we think it is time to go through all the files to collect different vintage photos of Honda the decades to highlight some of the higher points in the automaker’s schedule.

Although Honda is today Industrial powerAs one of the most prolific and popular car manufacturers in the world, remember: Our dive with Cadillac’s archive with mg, Honda’s many car history began in the 1960s, so you can not find anything earlier than this. Of course, we picked some of our favorites, but don’t miss the entire gallery.

Honda Soichiro Honda S800 Roadster, 1967

Any impression of a Honda retro car should start with an explosion: this is Mr. Honda himself driving the Honda S800, which was the latest and most outstanding model at the time, wearing a stylized Honda “H”. What makes the situation even better is that no other information is provided about where, when or why it was done. Go to Shunichiro

In 1967, England’s first S800 waiting at the dock

Speaking of this small convertible sports car, this is the top view of the first S800 waiting to arrive in the UK at London Dock.

The image of Honda dealers in 1979

Ten years after the arrival of those S800, if you walk into a Honda dealer in the UK, this is what you expect. Although the Accord has been snapping up, we have added more agricultural power cars to Honda, such as the TN Acty van in our favorite Honda retro car portrait.

A pair of Honda CVCC and Puch Maxi Moped, 1980

It seems that the lovely couple did not share our emotions. Here, they are proud of the mint- Civic (then called CVCC), next to a Puch Maxi moped of a similar vintage.

HMGRWN Honda, 1983

Although Honda is undoubtedly a Japanese automobile manufacturer, it has become one of the earliest investors in American manufacturing, especially its factory opened in Marysville, Ohio in 1982. Despite Detroit’s major counterattack, Honda is still proud of it. A foothold. Honda’s old-fashioned image is an image from a car history textbook.

Honda Accord BTCC, 1997

Let’s quickly review Honda’s old-fashioned images and spread some of the magic of Honda racing. The automaker has never spent too much time on the racing track, and has achieved varying degrees of success in almost every arrangement of the sport. This is a photo of the Honda Accord prepared for the British Touring Car Championship. This particular car won no honors, but the equally prepared Accord topped the independent category.

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