These were the best selling smartphones in 2019 by region

iPhone XR and iPhone 11 revealed in a recent report as the world's best-selling smartphone in 2019


Agree with that conclusion, and today released a list of the most popular devices by region.

iPhone completely dominates North America

Apple has been North America's leading smartphone maker for many years. But today's device list shows that the Cupertino giant has recently become more and more popular as the market has further consolidated. The best-selling smartphone in North America in 2019 is the iPhone XR. It turned out to be very popular among customers, accounting for 12% of smartphone purchases throughout the year.

Followed by the newer [and cheaper] iPhone 11, despite managing less than four months of sales, it managed to gain 6% market share in the region. Point No predictions have been made, but the iPhone 11 seems to be the most popular device this year.

Ranked third in North America is the iPhone 449, which has a market share of 5%. Considering the age of this phone-which launched in September 2017-is certainly impressive and could be good news for the upgraded iPhone 9, which is expected to be available next month and will be priced For $ 399.

iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max ranked fourth and fifth respectively, with market share of 4% and 3% respectively. These results prove that there is still a strong demand for premium iPhone models with large screens.

Samsung and Apple lead the European market

Last year, the European market was dominated by Apple and Samsung. research. This may be due to the business strategy updates of the two brands and Huawei's declining business in the region.

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Samsung's Galaxy A50 the way in sales throughout Europe. It debuted in March and, despite selling only nine months a year, still accounts for 5% of all smartphone shipments in the region.

In second place is the iPhone XR, the world's best-selling smartphone, with a market share of 4%. It is followed closely by its successor, iPhone 11, which accounted for 3% of all European shipments last year.

Samsung ranked fourth and fifth in budget Galaxy A10 with Galaxy A40Despite the fierce competition in this segment, both have reached a considerable market share of 3% in 2019.

Oppo, Vivo and Huawei have China's best-selling phones

There is no doubt that China is a completely different story. In terms of quantity, Huawei is the most popular smartphone brand in the region, but only successfully placed one smartphone in the top five, namely Huawei P30, with a market share of 2%, ranking fifth.

This smartphone ranks fourth and third, with Vivo Y93 and Vivo Y93 with budgets of 2% and market share, respectively. The slightly higher price is the higher-priced Oppo A9, which occupies 3% of the market.

The most popular smartphone in China is Oppo A5. It accounted for 4% of all smartphone shipments in the region, and after taking the top spot twelve months ago, it successfully rolled out competitor Xiaomi to the top five.

Samsung wins the rest of the world

Samsung controls the Middle East and Africa. It's on the Galaxy A10, Galaxy A2 Core, Galaxy A50, Galaxy A20with Galaxy A10s descending sort.

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On the other hand, the situation is similar in Latin America, although Lenovo-owned Motorola also successfully ranked in the top five. The Galaxy A10 is once again the most popular model, followed by Galaxy J2 Core, Moto E5 Play, Galaxy A20 and Galaxy J4 Core.

The final global region is the rest of the Asia Pacific region, with the top 5 including a variety of equipment. Oppo A5s tops the list with 3% market share, followed by Galaxy A50, iPhone XR, Galaxy A10 and Realme C2, each with 2% market share.