Recently, the internal of the PlayStation 5 was shown in an teardown video, which showed a large fan to keep the game console cool. Now, according to reports, Sony’s head of mechanical design for the PlayStation 5, Yasuhiro Ootori, said that over time, the software that powers the fans will continue to improve. In an interview with a Japanese publication, Ootori revealed that the software supports online updates. The director also shared that the direction of the console will not affect the cooling performance.

In an interview with the Japanese publication, Yasuhiro Ootori disassembled the PS5 in the disassembly video. He said that the 120mm wide and 45mm thick double-sided air intake fan of the game console is controlled by software, which can Update through: air. This can improve performance. In addition, the acceleration processing unit (APU) behavior data of each game will be collected and the fans will be optimized accordingly. This is a very interesting way to keep the console cool.

To test the airflow in the console, the company had to make a transparent and blow off the ice smoke because the team needed to measure the temperature of each component. The size of the console is displayed as 390x104x260mm, making it much larger than the PlayStation 4 in height and width. The standard of PS5 is 7.2 liters, and the digital version is 6.4 liters.

The fan is made of glass fiber polybutylene terephthalate, which has high strength and is not easily deformed when the temperature rises. It is also said that the fan is quieter than the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 fans.

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Another factor that helps to cool the PS5 is the use of liquid metal. Although this material is highly conductive and may be used near other electronic components of the motherboard, it has a better heat dissipation effect. Ootori said it took the team more than two years to come up with a solution that would allow them to use liquid metal without worrying about other components.

PlayStation 5 will be released in some regions on November 15. As of now, the Indian release date of the console is unclear.

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