The release of 5G Apple iPhone models may be delayed until December or later

This is currently the number one problem in the mobile industry. No, it has nothing to do with finding Waldo's location or even Carmen Sandiego's whereabouts. When will release the 5G 2020 iPhone 12 series. Normally, these phones will be launched and released in September. However, we do not have to tell you that these times are not normal.
Back in February, when the outbreak of coronavirus was spreading in mainland China, Apple ’s manufacturing partners, such as Foxconn and Wistron, were closing their assembly lines. These companies have restarted their factories. Although it is expected that iPhone production will not begin until July in 2020, Apple must ensure that its supply chain has built enough parts to cover the usual number of devices being manufactured.

Wedbush believes that the possibility that the 5G iPhone will be launched in October 2020 is only 10% to 15%

Lupu Ventures Gene Munster had previously called for regular iPhone models to be launched in 2020 Because these devices take up to four years from concept to release. Apple hardware technology director Johny Srouji confirmed this schedule. This means that most of the design work and supply chain planning have been completed. But we have seen other analysts point out that high-end "Pro" may not be ready until November, while others have said that these phones will be until 2021.

According to SeekingAlphaRather than a Wedbush analyst predicting the possibility that Apple will release the 2020 iPhone 12 series by October. Daniel Ives and Strecker Backe told customers that the possibility of 5G mobile phones going to market in October is only 10% to 15%. The two pointed out that the supply chain is "still on the path to normalization" (in other words, it has not returned to normal), and that various countries are still responding to the blockade caused by the deadly COVID-19 outbreak. Analysts said that investors are now pricing Apple ’s mobile phone released in December at Apple ’s stock price, which fell by 18.7% from $ 327.20 on February 12 to the current $ 266.07.
Ives and Backe (sounds like a good name for a high-end smoker on Bond Street in the UK) believes that we may know more the delay on April 30. After Apple ’s second-quarter report was released, CEO Tim Cook held a conference call. Apple has told Wall Street that it expects revenue for the quarter Below the lower limit of its initial guidance range Between 63 billion and 67 billion US dollars.
TF International ’s Ming-Chi Kuo is considered by many to be Apple ’s best analyst, and he expects Apple to release four new phones this fall. There should be two standard models, namely the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 and the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Plus. Kuo expects Apple to launch two 6.1-inch "Pro" models iPhone 12 Pro And 6.7 inches iPhone 12 Pro Max. These four chips will be powered by the 5nm A14 Bionic chipset, each with 15 billion angle iron transistors. In contrast, the number of transistors used in the currently used A13 Bionic SoC is 8.5 billion, which should make the new model more powerful while reducing energy consumption.
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All four phones will be equipped with AMOLED displays and are expected to have a butter-like smooth 120Hz refresh rate. According to reports, the "Pro" model will be equipped with 6GB of memory. For the camera system, the Pro unit will be equipped with wide-format, ultra-wide-format and telephoto cameras and LiDar time-of-flight sensors to achieve more accurate depth measurement and enhanced AR functions. Standard models will be equipped with wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras. All four phones will be compatible with signals below 6GHz and mmWave 5G.

Do we need to wait until 2021 to buy the 5G iPhone in 2020? Alex Yang, head of investor relations at Foxconn, said at an investor conference that even with some delays, the new iPhone device will be available in the upcoming holiday shopping season.

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