Astronomers located 10.8 billion light-years away from Earth have discovered an extremely rare “cosmic ring of fire.” It is actually a huge galaxy, shaped like a ring in which form at a very fast rate, so it does make it a ring of fire. According to scientists, it was the first “collision ring galaxy” ever to be located in the early universe, and it took on this shape after a huge collision between two galaxies.

The galaxy has been named R5519, and its discovery has been announced in the journal Natural Astronomy. It took a time for the light from R5519 to the earth due to the location too far, so the most recently captured image of the galaxy is about 11 billion years old. There is a hole in the middle of the ring galaxy, about the same weight as our Milky Way.

The latest discoveries may change the way scientists and understand the formation and evolution of galaxies. Professor Kenneth Freeman of the Australian University said: “The collision formation of ring galaxies requires that a thin disk exists in the’victim’ galaxy before the collision.” “In the case of this ring galaxy, we are Looking back at the early universe 11 billion years ago, optical discs were only being assembled. In contrast, the thin discs of the Milky Way began to fuse about 9 billion years ago. This discovery shows that the assembly of discs in spiral galaxies took place. It takes longer than previously thought.”

It is believed that in the early days of the universe, the shape of galaxies was disordered, and that disk-shaped galaxies formed only about 6 billion years after the Big Bang. However, based on this discovery, scientists believe that only 3 billion years after the Big Bang, there was a disc-shaped galaxy that collided with another galaxy to obtain this ring shape. Another recent report mentioned the discovery of the “Wolf Disk Galaxy”, which is only 1.5 billion years old, further strengthening this explanation.

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Dr. Tiantian Yuan, the lead researcher from Australia’s ARC All-weather Astronomy Center of Excellence (ASTRO 3D), said: “This is a very strange object that we have never seen before. At the same time it looks strange and familiar.”

The diameter of the hole in the center of R5519 is 2 billion astronomical units (the distance between the earth and the sun). The Milky Way produces 50 times faster than the Milky Way in the Milky Way. Such colliding ring galaxies are 1,000 times rarer than ring galaxies formed by internal processes.

To find the galaxies, Dr. Yuan used spectral data from WM Keck Observatory in Hawaii and images recorded by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

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