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of 2021 Kia K5 is here Fill up shoes Kia OptimaThis is the main reason for the brand’s rebirth in the US market. It has a lot of work to do in the field of medium-sized cars Toyota Camry And its Korean compatriots Modern sonata. has just announced the prices of all K5 interiors. The K5 LX starts at US$24,455, which is US$1,000 lower than the current Toyota Camry base and only US$100 higher than the upcoming Optima.

At startup, there will be six different decorations to choose from. The basic model LX, which only provides front-wheel drive, is the most affordable option, but still has its own convenient features. The LX car still has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard equipment, including normal, smart, sport and custom driving modes, panoramic sunroof and soundproof glass driving into the cabin at highway speed, these are standard configurations of basic models. The front-drive LXS model is the next step, starting at $25,455. However, choosing Kia’s all-wheel drive system will bring the price up to $27,555.

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