When the wealthy urban police department in Utah found a Nintendo Switch left in the park returned them, they announced on Twitter that the owners, Mason and Ali, should take it back. However, they also joked that they have made full use of the console and their skills are far better than those of the owner. A police officer Joubert this tweet, saying that one of his officers had beaten all the high scores on the console and used up all the gold coins that everyone had accumulated on the console.

The interesting tweet was posted on April 21 and it read: “Mason and Ali, someone found your Nintendo Switch in North Canyon Park and gave it us. I have beaten all your high scores and spent With all your gold coins, now I am bored, so you can come and pick it up. The case number is 21-1094.-Jubert”

The police station did not stop there. The department issued an update shortly after inform that the console had been returned to its owner, and also shared that another official had taken over the video game and earned some points. The tweet read: “That would be great.”

In the first tweet, the user received some interesting replies:

The whole incident even appeared in a brief news clip on Fox 13 News. See the video below:

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