Google has responded to the “” issue on some Pixel 5 devices. Few early reported that their Pixel 5 device had a small gap between the and the frame. Users complained on the Internet that the gap is easy to accumulate dust and may the waterproof and dustproof of the phone. Google responded to the complaints of these users, claiming that this gap is a “normal part” of the design and will not affect the phone’s waterproof and dustproof performance functions.

Microsoft responded to the complaint on the support page, stating that this is not a defect but a “normal part of the Pixel 5 design.” The company said that the gap between the display and the body will not affect the phone’s waterproof and dustproof performance. Google said that in any case, it will work with affected individuals to resolve any issues they may encounter.

Earlier last month, Pixel 5 users participated in Google’s Pixel Phone community forum to share with a tiny but visible gap between the display and the frame. Distressed users claim that the gap may allow dust to enter and may hinder the waterproof and dustproof performance of IP68-rated mobile phones. The affected user also chose to replace it, although the problem could not be solved because the problem was also visible on the newly replaced device. Now, Google says this is not a defect. However, there is no clear explanation as to how Google plans to alleviate the buyer’s “blank” problem.

After Google made a useless response, users flocked to ask for better clarity. Some users asked Google to provide a money-back guarantee in the future. Few users even want to choose an immediate refund after replying.

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