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has posted First developer preview of Android 11, The next version of its operating system. This is the earliest thing Google has done so far Preview like thisTherefore, the updates here are not forward-looking, but some major commitments from Google, such as improved support for 5G, better privacy , and a new messaging interface.

Also: this is true, Is actually a preview and is for developer use only-only for Pixel 2, 3, 3A or 4 and only full flash can be installed to erase all data. In other words, unless you like to use your phone, don't install it on your main device.

Fortunately, we have a spare Pixel that can mine some neat features in early . So far, this is the new feature:

Bubble -Reminiscent of Facebook's chat head, the "bubble" feature was originally part of Android 10 last year. This is a new user interface for messaging applications that lets you easily access multiple conversations anytime, anywhere with floating bubbles. At the moment it seems that only Google's own messaging app has support, but the idea is that any app [such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Signal] can take advantage of the feature.

dialogue- To eliminate the bubbles, there is a new "conversation" section on the notification bar that breaks new messages into their own areas before all your emails, Instagram likes, and app updates. The idea is to make the communication part of the phone more accessible because it's a phone and that's what it does-to help you talk to people.

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Better permissions- Removing a page from iOS's book, Android 11 added the option to grant apps, camera, microphone and location data temporary permissions only. This is a simple addition, but it makes Android more secure.

screen recording- Google already has this version in the Android 10 beta, but it has not yet been released to the final version. But screen recording is back, this time with a full user interface, which means that the feature may eventually be released in Android 11. It basically follows the instructions on the tank: record the screen.

Minor adjustments and changes:

  • Automatic dark mode switching
  • Pixel 4's new motion-sensitive gestures to play or pause music
  • Pixel 4's "Increase Touch Sensitivity" setting for screen saver
  • The option to pin the app to the top of the shared table with Android 10 Beta.
  • Turning on Airplane mode no longer disconnects the Bluetooth audio connection.
  • XDA developers report There is also a hidden new screenshot user interface, but it is not enabled [or fully functional] by default.

There are many other changes under the hood, such as better support for folding, waterfall and pinhole displays, 5G integration, range , improved privacy and security, and more. We will continue to this article as more Android 11 hidden features will be discovered in the next few days.

But remember: the current Android 11 developer beta is very much We will provide an early version later this year, so don't hope for any major new features or massive redesigns-hopefully when Google I / O comes out, Google has more to say in this regard in May.

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