Microsoft Teams will soon get an AI-based noise suppression feature that will automatically remove unwanted background noise the meeting. This will be an update to the existing noise suppression feature-users can now control the amount of noise suppression required. Users can select a new “High” setting on Microsoft Teams to suppress more background noise. This feature will be launched in November.

The AI-based real-time noise suppression feature is currently listed as “under development” on the Microsoft 365 roadmap. AI-based noise suppression technology first discovered in Windows Latest. It works by analyzing someone’s audio input on Microsoft Teams and using a specially trained deep neutral network to filter out the noise and retain only the voice signal.

Although the list on the Microsoft 365 roadmap indicates that the feature will be available on desktops worldwide, it has not yet been determined whether it will be rolled out to Android and iOS.

The popular video conferencing service Zoom also has an option called “Suppress background noise” in the noise reduction function. The user can adjust the setting to high or low as needed. Google Meet also has a noise reduction function and can be used on Android and iOS. It can filter out background disturbances, such as dog barking, dog barking, knocking, typing, closing doors or sounds from nearby construction sites.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap also lists more new features for the team under development. Presenters will soon be able to customize how content is displayed to meeting participants, thereby providing a more dynamic content viewing experience. They will be able to superimpose their video and content, or move their content box to a corner of the video screen. This feature is expected to be launched in December. In the same month, users will get another feature that can let others know that they are unavailable by arranging “out of the office”. Whenever someone is contacted via chat, their unavailable status is displayed.

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