Amazon reportedly delayed user reviews for The Lord of the Rings: of Thrones. According to Variety, the studio is adding a 72-hour delay to all user reviews of the show in an attempt to battle internet trolls. During this brief time, each review will go through an evaluation process to determine if they are genuine or created by a bot account. The change kicked in when the premiere of The Lord of the Rings prequels was bombarded on multiple review aggregators — or rather, noticed.

Amazon quietly rolled out the policy last month with the launch of the baseball comedy series “Their Own League.” However, it was only recently revealed to Variety that this will be in effect in The Rings of Power. According to its sources, all user reviews “posted to Prime Video” will be delayed for three days before online. User Reviews on Prime Video is currently unavailable in India. Instead, it shows the IMDb score, which in The Rings of Power’s case is currently 6.6/10.

Everything you need to know about The Lord of the Rings: The of Thrones

User review ratings for The Rings of Power are rather indecisive, with some viewers loving it while others absolutely despise it. On IMDb, it is either Arguably a 10-star rating or a 1-star rating, hardly any reviews agree with the “middle ground”. For example, on Rotten Tomatoes, the Lord of the Rings prequel series has 84% ​​positive reviews, compared to 39% user-submitted reviews at the time of writing. of Power has struggled with a die-hard since the beginning, with some ‘questioning’ the decision to cast people of colour as dwarves and elves — something that hasn’t been seen in past JRR Tolkien screen adaptations common.

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According to Variety, Amazon’s new move to “censor its reviewers” appears to be resolved in the aforementioned A League of They Own case. The show has an average rating of 4.3/5 stars on Prime Video, with 14% of users giving it a 1-star rating. On IMDb, the sports drama has a score of 7.1.

On Sunday, Amazon also revealed that The Lord of the Rings: The of Thrones drew 25 million viewers on its first day, with its two-episode premiere. This marks the first time the studio has publicly disclosed its internal TV ratings, although it’s not clearly defined how those numbers are calculated.

Thousands of years before the Peter Jackson films, of Thrones explores the expansive history surrounding Second Middle-earth. The series is not entirely based on Tolkien’s literature, but according to its appendices, paving the way for the origin story of One Ring’s creator, Lord Sauron. The series features an ensemble cast, namely Morfydd Clark, Robert Arayamo (Mindhunter), Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Maxim Baldry, Owain Arthur, Nazanin Boniadi, Ismael Cruz Córdova, Charles Edwards (The Crown), Markella Kavenagh and Charlie Vickers.

New episodes of The Lord of the Rings: of Thrones air every Friday at 9.30am on Amazon Prime Video in India.