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The United Arab Emirates said on Wednesday that it will once again postpone the of the “Hope” to .

The probe was originally scheduled to be launched from Japan on Wednesday, but for the same reason it has been postponed to Friday.

The Dubai Media Office tweeted on Wednesday: “After extensive meetings, @UAESpaceAgency and @MBRSpaceCentre announced further delays in the launch of the Mars Hope probe through discussions with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.”

It cited “unstable weather conditions at the Tanegashima launch site in Japan” and said it would announce a new launch date within 24 hours.

The UAE, composed of seven emirates, will become the first Arab country to explore Mars.

The probe is one of three games against the Red Planet. The Chinese and American rockets also took advantage of the extraordinary proximity between the Earth and Mars: it reached 55 million kilometers (34 million miles) in just one jump.

“Hope” (Al-Amal in Arabic) is expected to begin operation on Mars in February 2021, marking the 50th anniversary of the unity of the UAE.

After arriving there, it will orbit the Earth for the entire Martian year (687 Earth days).

The purpose is to provide a comprehensive picture of the weather dynamics in the atmosphere of the Red Planet.

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