The iPhone 13 series may be released sometime this month, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman’s latest information provides detailed information about what may be launched at the annual Apple Fall Conference. This event may bring iPhone 13 series and Apple Watch Series 7. Although are reports that the production of smart watches has been delayed, Gurman said that wearable devices will still be released at the event. According to reports, the availability of certain models is limited or delayed. Gullman also said that the expected satellite functions of the iPhone 13 will only be available in certain markets.

Gurman’s latest PowerOn communication hints that, according to reports, the new iPhone 13 will receive the expected satellite capabilities. The report also indicates that the iPhone 13 may not get the feature immediately, and the feature may be launched next year. Although hardware support will be embedded in the iPhone 13 series, this feature will be launched within a few months. Gurman clarified that this feature will not allow users to use iPhone 13 as a satellite phone and be able to make calls anywhere in the world without cellular network coverage.

He added: “This will not happen at any time now, next year, or in the near future. The hardware required to launch such a feature is not ready for prime time, and it is expensive, and may cause what Apple depends on. The resistance of telephone operators.” According to reports, the new satellite function will allow users to transmit short emergency texts and send SOS distress signals in remote areas in response to crises, such as a plane crash or a shipwreck. According to the newsletter, the emergency function is only available in areas without any cellular network coverage, and only in specific markets.

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A video leak showing the “iPhone 13 Pro Max” silicone MagSafe protective case also surfaced online.This is the first time Post It was posted by the Twitter account @PinkDon1, but was later deleted.However, the video has surfaced Other accountsAnd was discovered by MacRumors. MagSafe support has been introduced in the iPhone 12 series, and it seems that it has gradually penetrated into the iPhone 13 series, and the new case will be compatible with this technology.

As for Apple Watch Series 7, Gullman said that wearable devices “will not be a health upgrade this year-on the contrary, the focus will be on new designs with flatter edges, new displays, and new chips.” The smartwatch series is expected to have 41 Two models of mm and 45 mm, the display screen is about 1.9 inches, and the screen is 20% to 30% larger than the previous generation product. In another Bloomberg report, Gullman added that the larger model will have a resolution of 396×484 pixels, which means a pixel increase of about 16%. According to reports, the smaller model has a similar jump, but both watches have thinner bezels around the screen.

According to reports, Apple is still developing a new watch face for Apple Watch Series 7. The new dials include Modular Max, Continuum, world timetable dials called Atlas and World Timer, as well as new dials for Hermes and Nike brand Apple Watch. According to reports, Apple Watch Series 7 will be released at an event in September, but due to production delays, “but will be models that are delayed or shipped in small batches.”

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