If you are a loyal supporter of the classic click game popular in the 90s, you may wish to pay attention Guard duty.

The game is scheduled to be released on Switch next week and is said to be a humorous love letter for point-and-click games. Players will play the role of both the forgotten past loyal defender Tondbert and the future hero agent Starborn to save the earth and destroy ancient evil. We provide you with the following summary and feature list:

Tondbert, who faithfully guards Wrinklewood Castle, has many problems to solve. Under his surveillance, someone secretly entered the kingdom and kidnapped the princess-this event will have a major impact on the future.

A thousand years later, mankind has stood its last foot before being wiped out by the evil dark forces. Join Agent Starborn to save the planet and conquer the evil that has existed for centuries!

Discover how the fate of these two playable characters are intertwined, and you may save humanity in the process in this traditional pointing and clicking adventure game!

-A complete independent game spanning two different time periods, please choose your moves wisely
-Over 6000 lines of voice conversation
-Subtle music and sound
-Integrated "To Do" list of current goals to ensure you never lose your goals
-Handmade pixel art with hundreds of detailed animations

The trailer above may have a weird sound performance, but the player on Steam is going very smoothly. User reviews are currently "very positive."

What do you think? Is it worth a visit? Share your thoughts with us in the place.

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